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Changelog Patch [07.01.2020]


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Hello, everybody,

in the upcoming maintenance on 07.01.2020 we will fix a few bugs and improve the minimap on the game worlds DE3 and EN2.

Maintenance window: 07.01.2020 / 09:00 am - 10:00 am

Content of the patch

  • Bug fixed trawler ships. When sending ships to trawlers and going on holiday, they were not finished properly. This now behaves correctly.

  • Bug fixed: Lure over 100%. Sometimes the baiting was above 100% or some fish fell below the 10% mark. This now behaves correctly.

  • Popup window FIFO. Popup windows are now based on the FIFO principle (first in first out). Popups now appear in the order in which they were created

  • Minimap filter. The minimap receives filters to display ports, trawlers, fishing grounds and events.


You only have the possibility to display different points on the minimap. You have a filter so that you can also turn off individual groups. The status for this will be saved, so that you will have the same filter the next time you log in.


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