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Basic Rules

The use of the "Big Bait - Forum" is completely free of charge. Click on "Accept" if you accept the rules and explanations mentioned here. After that you can register. Administrators and moderators from "Big Bait - Forum" try to delete or edit all the unwanted posts, but it is impossible for them to check all the posts. All the posts express the views only of the authors themselves. The owners of Big Bait - Forum cannot be held responsible for the content of those posts.

By completing registration you agree not to use this website for

  • obscenities
  • Vulgar
  • insults
  • Propaganda
  • (extreme) political views
  • (verbal) offences against the law
  • the dissemination of propaganda materials of unconstitutional associations (§ 86 StGB).
  • the dissemination of pornographic writings and depictions (§ 184 StGB).
  • the incitement to commit criminal acts or to participate in such acts.
  • the publication of contributions with exclusively commercial content.
  • the abuse of the freedom of speech to insult, offend, discriminate or similar against other members.

to abuse.

Contributions and user accounts can be edited or deleted by moderators and administrators of this website, among other things for reasons of the offence against the good customs, without further reason. You can be warned and excluded from the forum by moderators if you disregard the terms of use or forum rules.

In detail

I. Access
The access to the forum and its use can not be demanded in any form, sued, or otherwise forced. The forum operators reserve the right to withdraw the privilege of use temporarily or permanently from individual users at any time and without giving reasons, this applies in particular to

Posts that obviously violate the forum guidelines should be ignored and not replied to. In addition, it is helpful to report the corresponding post.

We do not assume any liability for possibly erroneous tips, programs, HTML codes or scripts and associated damages and data loss.

II. Posting

  •     First make sure that there is not already a topic that answers your question. Use the search functions for this.
  •     Please choose the appropriate subforum for a post.
  •     Use a meaningful title for your topic. "Problem with XYZ" or even "Help !!!" is definitely not enough.
  •     Build in paragraphs and avoid using multiple punctuation marks. Multiple question marks, exclamation points are often perceived as intrusive and rude.
  •     Avoid spam, be it incoherent comments, ramblings or other nonsense. Appropriate and on-topic responses are expected to factual questions and calls for help.
  •     Check your post for grammar and spelling before submitting. The best way to do this is to preview it.
  •     Posting content from support tickets is generally not allowed.

III. Names, signatures, avatars
Usernames have to comply with the law and the forum rules. Signatures and avatars are of course allowed, as long as they do not contradict any forum rules. In individual cases the forum moderation decides.

IV. Advertising and external links
Advertising and external links are allowed here under reserve. That is, also here the forum moderation decides in individual cases. However, posting links to "thieves' games" of any kind is prohibited.

V. Deletion of data and accounts
The user account in this forum can be deleted if desired. To avoid abuse, this cannot be done by the user himself. However, it is sufficient to send a private message to a moderator with the request for deletion. The deletion will remove all personal data of the user. Posts of the user will still be available as guest posts in the forum.

VI. Additional rules
Additional rules may apply in individual areas of the forum. These are displayed separately in the corresponding areas and are also part of the terms of use to be observed.

These are the rules on this platform. If you have questions or need help - contact a moderator. They are there for you and help if possible.

And now have fun reading and writing here in the "Big Bait- Forum!

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