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  1. Oh, one more thing almost forgot... seems at least several players complaining on public channel that the event cheats their ice crystals in upgrades.... well, consider the fact not all play 6-12h silly click-clicketi-click-event.... so they go away from this game being frustrated. Now again.. why did not anyone think... before actually doing something... Same crap is 12h seal nursing station. How the hell wants to play 12h clicking boats. Now I can undestand 6 and even 8 hours like a work day... but half a day? lol
  2. They should atleast put a button there that moves everything the current progress...
  3. The lazy coders copied Easter event for Christmas event... this event sucks So... in PRN I have 28900 in Christma's stock, it takes 80 clicks to clear this. FYI coders. Is the idea that senior citizens click 100 per day like "decathlon" old game.... I boycott moronic games like Eastern event and recommend you do the same. Seems coders here are super lazy, they don't test anything and leave the for players... lol I'm getting kinda angry in this game, and that's not the idea! And what Idea is fish oil for chocolate? As good idea as everything in Fish Factory recipes, as they are all false...
  4. Now been running a few weeks I can say our company's growth is in total halt. We had 23m before the upgrade and seems we can gain enough to be in par with expenses, however what I pointed out above applies, thus NO COMPANY CAN BUILD ANYTHING NEW.
  5. Hello everyone, After the major upgrade the changed about everything withing the game comes a serious problem for companies as there are only 3 ways to get credits: 1) Fish Factory for Port Authority work 2) Fish Factory excess work 3) Public Contracts PA = Port Authority PC = Public Contract PA accepts only one job with tight time limit. I find it almost impossible to fullfil this 100% with our company memebers. This provides an average of 500-1m credits per day. Fish Factory excess work doesn't give much credits. These are products that go to your CO warehouse that are not accepted by PA. Public contracts: We got 6 players of level 162, 145, 139, 78, 22 and 15 Now we all know that the average level of all players determine the CAP how much both PA demands and how much PC demands. So in our company, PC is 2414t If i run my all ships 100% bosted I can make some 500-600t in 2 hours and I have highest and best ships in our company. It's easy to calculate that with those players we cannot even theory pass the CAP. So how much credits our company spends per day? That depends on certifications available, but it's easily more than 1m credits. With the latest changes I've noticed there is no way to raise our company anymore. There's absolutely no way to raise HQ levels anymore... I run company so that playing this game is more challenging and fun, but kinda missing the point now...
  6. After spending 126 tickets I got my 1st 20gbars... but that's like 0.01% chance... which in my opinion ruins midlevel players. A player gets 2-5 tickets per week and with 1% chance it's kinda waste of time, unless one needs free CA which is kinda useless - especially now!
  7. try putting the topic something else than just your name, that way you get better answers.. however if topic is same as your name, and multiple topics... ...leads to just confusion
  8. Now after the upgrade...they deleted fuel and Recycling Points from the wheel which sounded promising. So now I used 100 tickets to test how new one works. I noticed they completely eliminated the chance of getting gold bars here. At least with 100 tickets zero gold bars. So now ingame gold bar income come solely from port runs and daily logins.
  9. Golden ships give you extra gold bars when you receive them. The percentage is the same with every boat golden or regular...
  10. This is a quote from the game today "Im thinking they had to work really hard to make this event this bad"
  11. Low stress idle co... we do not do all the time Public Contracts, nor there is need to be active all the time. We love people with Captain Accounts who just fill the warehouse and gain experience, speed and operating speed certificates 24h / 7 days a week Har har!
  12. And they did remove credits and replaced with useless "recycling"... so this game cannot even help newbies anymore, where credits help them...
  13. Heya, now when we cannot anymore get fuel from the bar with tickets, problem is that most players are idling. I'd idling 50% of my boats (I do not run them). 5 gbar per day = 150 gbar monthly. Is this really your idea of a working game? LOL
  14. Chat box is in Germany only. This English area is completely dead.
  15. Hello all, If you take a look at any posts here, requiring verifying, help, ideas or what so ever, even if that post had been submitted years ago, there's never dev / admin responses, so what is the point of English forums, as everything takes place in German forums. Yumfy helps sometimes English forums, but doubt he has any saying what takes place here. 'nuff said
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