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Patch on October, 23rd - Restaurant & Building Yard


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Ahoy sailors,

during maintenance on Tuesday, we make adjustments to two features in the game. These are the restaurant and the building yard. Here is an overview of what exactly awaits you.


Koeche.jpgWe have reshaped the chefs thematically so that they now host your crews in the future and thus have a positive effect on their performance. This means that if you complete a category of chefs, you will receive a time-limited bonus to earned experience in port missions, competitions, single player events and any ship experience.

Should you complete a second or third category before the bonus has expired, it will be renewed and increased in effectiveness. It is thus possible a maximum bonus of 40%.






Building Yard

With the building yard we want to give you the possibility to convert your items into better items with higher effectiveness, in order to get the maximum out for your ships.

Just open the yard and recycle items that you no longer need. From the recovered recycling points, you can create new items according to your wishes in the production menu. The cost of these special items depends on their stats and duration.


The better the item, the more recycling points you have to invest in the building process. But a certain strength of the items even Gold Bars are due. Here you have to decide exactly how strong the new item should be for you.

The production of green items against waiting time is completely eliminated.

With nautical greetings,
Your Big Bait Team

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