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    1. Netiquette It is vital to treat each other with respect and we consider this a top priority. Please treat others as you wish to be treated. It is not necessary – and above all, not permitted – to use insults or to campaign against others. Hatred, malicious propaganda, provocation, vulgar language, and ridicule are also prohibited. Players who troll or flame are not welcome and will be banned from the game/forum. Always remember that you are talking to a real person. Be considerate to new players! They need some time to learn the ropes. 2. Use of the correct chatrooms General chat The General chat is where you can talk about everything under the sun. Please note that some discussions are unacceptable due to the subject matter. This includes political discussions and vulgar content. Help chat Questions about the game belong exclusively in the Help chat. You can use the forum as an alternative. If you experience technical issues, please contact in-game support. Search chat Raw materials trading is limited exclusively to the Search chat. The Search chat is also where you can look for members to join your association or for visitors for your monument. Please note that each association may only post one search per hour (60 minutes), irrespective of which member posted the search. Chat language is English. 3. Spam Spam and the distribution thereof is prohibited. This includes: Links are not permitted in the game. In the forum, links are only allowed in the "Common room" and "Forum games" sections. Links are only permitted in the chat and other parts of the forum if they link to websites operated by unikat. Threads such as "I demand an answer," conspiracies, and comments on how to circumvent the rules are prohibited. It is prohibited to reopen a thread after it has been closed by a moderator/administrator. If you want to open a thread after it has been closed, please contact a moderator who will decide whether or not to reopen the thread. Begging for donations of Gold Bars is prohibited. Demands or requests for damages are not permitted. Spam will be deleted by moderators without prior notice. Further action may be taken including issuing a permanent ban from the game. 4. Advertising Advertising of any nature will be deleted without prior notice. It is also not permitted to send mass mails via private message and doing so may result in being banned from the game. 5. Racism and inciting hatred We do not tolerate racist or political propaganda, or the incitement of hatred. This rule extends to user names and association names. Such content will be deleted immediately and without prior notice. 6. Discrimination Discriminatory remarks and provocation concerning other players, moderators, and employees will not be tolerated. The same applies to minorities, religions, persons who are physically/psychologically disadvantaged, and any other group of persons. 7. Calls for boycotts and petitions Petitions and calls for boycotts in chats and in private messages are prohibited. 8. Denouncements/Demands 8a Denouncements Publicly denouncing players, associations, moderators, employees, or other natural or legal persons is prohibited. 8b Demands Demanding penalties in the game and/or forum is prohibited. The administrators and moderators will determine if a penalty is to be imposed and the extent of said penalty. It is likewise prohibited to demand answers from support, the moderators, or the employees. They will answer at their own discretion. 9. Exploits/Cheating/Bugs The use and distribution of exploits (vulnerabilities in the source code), bugs in the game, and cheats/hacks/bots is prohibited. This prohibition includes instructions/information on how to cheat or exploit bugs in the game. Infringements and reports about exploits and cheats must be reported exclusively to either support or by email to info@unikatmedia.de. Violations will result in a permanent ban from the game. 10. Illegal activities Any instigation, planning, and/or carrying out of illegal conduct is strictly prohibited. 11. Communication between support/employees and players The content of private messages exchanged between the support/employees of unikat media GmbH and players may not be published. It may not be disclosed to parties who are not involved (e.g. via private message) or published in the chat/forum. A private message may only be made public if both parties agree to its publication. 12. Moderation The moderators are free to moderate the chat and forum at their own discretion. Moderators alone determine the duration and severity of any penalties imposed. We appreciate every player who helps other players with their questions. However, it is not permitted to help break the rules by assisting other players to break the rules. If it is apparent that no moderators are present, you can leave a message for a moderator. Posing as a moderator or an administrator is prohibited. 13. Multiple accounts Each person may only play with one account per world. Players who often play via the same Internet connection or who live in a shared accommodation must discuss this with support before playing the game. 14. Account sitting Account sitting is generally prohibited. However, there are certain circumstances in which it is permitted for a player to play an additional account. This must be arranged with support in advance. 15. Sale of accounts The sale and purchase of accounts is prohibited. Any accounts which are offered for sale or have been purchased will be blocked permanently without prior notice. 16. Utilizing support To ensure that your support ticket is processed quickly, your message to support should contain as much information as possible. One or two words is not enough for a message to the support team. The netiquette also applies to the support system and any violations will result in penalties. If problems arise, the player should contact support directly. The bug/problem should be reported within 48 hours 17. Complaints It is not permitted to publicly discuss moderator decisions. Any objections will only be accepted and processed through the support system or by the community manager. If you have a complaint regarding the time taken to process a ticket, you can write a personal message to a moderator or the community manager after a period of 72 hours who will investigate the matter further. You must refrain from any public discussions about such issues. 18. Further violations despite a ban If a player continues to harass others despite a ban being imposed, for example via the private messaging system or the forum shoutbox, doing so may result in further action including blocking their account. 19. Changes and additions We reserve the right to change and expand the rules of the game. 20. Violation of the above rules Violation of the rules will result in a penalty which can range from a warning to a permanent ban from the game and forum, depending on the severity. The administrators and moderators in charge will determine the type and duration of the penalty. Warnings and bans apply to all areas in the game (the chat, shoutbox, & forum), and may be extended to other areas. If a circumstance is not covered by the rules, the administrators and moderators will consider – and possibly take – further action based on the information available. The general rules of the game and of conduct do not replace the TOU and are to be considered as an addition to such. Both must be regarded.
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    Ende der fahnenstange

    Spielzeit 508 Tage. Und das angesprochene Problem begleitet mich gefühlt schon seit mindestens 365 Tagen. M.E. geht es am Ende v.a. um die Prioritäten, nach denen einerseits bestehender Content erweitert wird und andererseits neuer Content hinzugefügt wird. Während Unikat in letzterem recht gut ist (auch wenn ich nicht jeder Erweiterung uneingeschränkt positiv gegenüber stehe) findet ersteres nicht bzw. zu wenig statt. Dass das Lager (Gesellschaft wie individuell) inzwischen zu klein ist, dass neue und bessere Schiffe dringend erwünscht sind, dass die Gesellschaft attraktiver werden sollte, all das ist seit Monaten bzw. Jahren bekannt, getan hat sich aber nichts. Stattdessen erhalten wir Erweiterungen, die für sich genommen vielleicht ganz nett sind, nach denen aber keiner gefragt hat. Ich kann es auch einfach nicht nachvollziehen, was daran so schwierig sein soll, den Gebäudeausbau der Lager (nur mal als Beispiel) einfach freizugeben... Wenn ich mir also zum neuen Jahr etwas wünschen dürfte, dann wäre es, dass man an dieses Thema ran geht, *bevor* (oder: anstatt) man neue Features einspielt. Ankündigungen der Art "Wir haben tolle Ideen für euch, lasst euch mal überraschen!" könnt ihr euch zumindest für mich schenken, da sich aus diesen bisher wenig - wenn überhaupt - ergeben hat, und was dann eingeführt wurde die Wünsche und Anregungen der Community in meinen Augen nicht ausreichend berücksichtigte. Ceterum censeo: Abschaffung oder Abstellbarkeit sinnloser Nachrichten bei der Nutzung von verbrauchbaren Items!