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Changelog Patch [19.07.2022]


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Hello, everybody,

as part of the maintenance work on 19.07.2022 the following new features were integrated into the game:

Content of the patch

  • Multiple experience emblems can now be used at the same time
  • Season
    • There is now a display (after completion) until when the reward can be collected
    •  In the completion message there is now also the date until when you can collect the reward
    • In the completion message there are now the TOP 10 fishermen to be honored
    • The captain account now shows "h" additionally for the unit
  • At monuments you can now donate faster by using the "+" and "-" buttons, similar to the fish factory or the cooks
  • There is now a 3 day captain account
  • In the fish factory, the correct end time is now displayed in the history if a company member has ended prematurely with gold bars

Building yard

In the building yard there are now the biggest changes. It is now possible to convert green items as well as skins into recycling points. This has been desired for some time for skins that are no longer needed. In the same breath, you can now get skins with recycling points. The selection is limited to the same ones that can be bought permanently with gold bars (this function remains).

We have taken another look at the distribution of recycling points of the items. As a result, we have increased the required points in manufacturing by 3 times in the attributes.

Why do we do this?

An item brought so many recycling points that one could produce approx. 1-3 (depending upon distribution) equivalent items from it. Of course, this leads to the fact that theoretically you could always produce twice as many items as you found. This is not in the sense of the inventor. By raising it, we create a balance where an item is always slightly more expensive compared to the destroyed item. For example, you destroy a working hook blue with +20 working speed for 6h and receive 18 recycling points for it. If you now manufacture the same item, it will cost you 30 recycling points. The goal of the building yard is that you can produce items from items you don't need and not produce items "without end". The same is true for the skins. So the rate will always be worse, but you will get exactly the item or skins you really need.

We are aware that this leads to some resentment, but looking back it was never planned this way and with this change we want to make the recycling points more valuable in the game again for rewards from the different events or the season.

With nautical greetings,
Your Big Bait Team

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