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Changelog Patch [17.03.2020]


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Hello, everybody,

during the maintenance on 17.03.2020 we fixed minor bugs on the game worlds DE3 and EN2.

Content of the patch

  •     Fish Factory Reward is now calculated correctly for date boundaries
    • It happened again and again that if the production in the fish factory started at e.g. 23.30 o'clock and was not finished until the next day, the reward was then not paid out correctly. Now it is so that it counts afterwards, when the production was finished. As a result, the progress bar will only fill up when the production has actually been completed
  •     Fuel Count Atlantic 488 now counts correctly
    • Under certain circumstances, it happened that the fuel produced was not counted correctly. This is now fixed
  •     Shop too many Premium Items
    • It happened that 8 instead of 4 items for purchase were generated with gold bars. This should no longer occur
  •     Event list now shows upcoming events early again (6h before)
    • This is a bit downstream, as events have already been generated for the future. Within the next 3 days, this will be regulated automatically
  •     Minimap event display outside the radar fixed
    • Sometimes events were shown on the minimap, which could not be approached because the radar was not yet so far developed. This should no longer occur now


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