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Big Bait - Christmas 2018


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Christmas 2018


Ahoy Sailors,

When the event starts, you can play the ‘Scoop netting’ minigame to earn Ice Crystals for the Christmas market and open a door in the Advent calendar each day (from 1 December on).

Before we delve into the various features, here’s the schedule so you know what’s happening when:


Advent calendar

Unbenannt.png.39f802a60e17e40370a1a7d56b0798a6.pngFrom 1 December on, each day you can open a door in the Christmas calendar and receive a random surprise. If you missed a door, you can open it in exchange for gold bars.


image.png.6b733614cb6140c4184b4f6bfba3012a.pngWhen you open the window, you will see a preview of the 3 possible rewards for the day. Click on the ‘Mix’ button to select a reward. The 3 possible rewards will be hidden in 3 little sacks and shuffled, after which you can select one. The reward in the sack you chose becomes yours. If you also want to have the other rewards of the day, you can pay 2 gold bars to open a second sack and 5 gold bars to open a third sack.



Scoop netting

You can access the ‘Scoop netting’ event through the new object in your home port.




In scoop netting, you use a net to catch fish that leap from holes in the ice so you can earn Ice Crystals to exchange for rewards at the Christmas market.

You have 100 stamina to help you out. Each swing of the nets costs you 10 stamina. Your stamina regenerates by 1 point each minute. You can also use gold bars to recharge your stamina.

When you have netted 10 catches, they are converted into one Ice Crystal automatically.






Christmas market

The Christmas shop is where you can swap your hard-earned Ice Crystals for useful things like items, skins and ships. On Advent days we have special deals which you can snap up for gold bars.

You can choose from 3 different rewards on the Christmas market:

The Resource Package
Costs: 1 Ice Crystals

The Resource Package contains credits and experience points. The amount of credits and experience points depends on the player level.

The Angel Ornament
Costs: 30 Ice Crystals

The Angel Ornament is an item only available during the Christmas event. It increases warehouse capacity and operating speed by 30%.

The Skin - Christmas Magic
Costs: 75 Ice Crystals

Ice Breaker
(time-limited ship with an extra slot) -500 Ice Crystals

Christmas Sleigh
(time-limited ship with an extra slot) -1000 Ice Crystals

Note:  The Ice Breaker and the Christmas Sleigh respectively are 15% and 25% better than the most expensive ship you can currently buy in your shipyard. They improve the following stats: Warehouse capacity, speed and operating speed.


Which offers will be available is a surprise. Be sure to drop by!

Skin - Christmas Magic

You can apply this to your ships to change their appearance and increase their statuses. The skin will appear in your drydock, which is also where it is applied.


Your company



You can give a gift to your company during the festive season and take on the new Christmas assignments for the port authority. To do so, simply pay any gifts you found on port assignments into the assignment. The assignment value is based on the number of company members. Once you complete a Christmas assignment, a new one is generated automatically.



Company ornaments





Do you want to deck your company out in a proper Christmas look? Then now’s your chance! Visually enhance your company with ornaments only available at the Christmas market.

Nautical regards,
The Big Bait Team

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