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Patch on August 28, 2018

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Ahoi sailors,

during tomorrows maintenance we will update following contents:


  • You „welcome back“ message will now contain following additional contents
    • Building yard
    • Fish factory
    • Restaurant
    • Singleplayer events
    • Competitions
  • We have tweaked some optical elements and fixed tooltips


  • The fish decay in your storage is now 3% per hour (up from 2%)
  • If you catch a rare species, you will now receive experience and prestige instead of credits.
  • We have reduced the Gold Bars prices for following activities
    • Finishing the construction of a ship prematurely
    • Finishing the construction of a building prematurely
    • Finishing the production of an item in the building yard prematurely
  • A percentage of the experience for hiring a cook has been re-distributed to port assignments.
  • The duration for hiring a chef has been reduced. Now you can queue hiring processes for the same chef type.
  • The credit prices for items have been raised.
  • There are now at least 3 golden items in the shop purchasable for Gold Bars.


  • 1 Silver Bar now equals 1 Gold Bar. We have changed all Silver Bar prices in the company to accommodate for this new value.
  • Your current Silver Bar count has been adapted to the new value.
  • The experience bonus from the headquarts has beend shifted from XP for productions to bonus XP for port assignments. For each HQ Level you will get +1% more XP in port assignments.
  • The costs for certificates now depend on the current number of company members and not the maximum possible number.
  • The credit costs for company buildings have been increased and the building duration reduced.
  • The rewards for the weekly company ranking have been changed:
    • 1st to 5th place: 50 Silver Bars + 20 Company Coins
    • 6 to 10: 30 Silver Bars + 15 Company Coins
    • 11 to 25: 20 Silver Bars + 10 Company Coins
    • 26 to 50: 10 Silver Bars + 5 Company Coins
    • 51 to 100: 5 Silver Bars + 2 Company Coins

With nautical Greetings,
Your Big Bait Team

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