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Big Bait's "Easter 2018"


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Ahoy sailors,

it's been a long time coming. From this year onwards, an Easter event will take place for the first time in which you will be rewarded with Easter eggs and other prizes for handling port assignments and production assignments in the company. Here you can find out all the details of the event.

Event Description

During the event period, you can receive Easter eggs for port assignments as well as for completed production assignments in the company, which you can exchange for special items in the exchange market. The remaining time of the event is displayed at the top right of the event icon. Click on the icon to get to the exchange market.


Collecting Easter eggs

Port Assignments

Depending on the difficulty of a port assignments, you can receive a different amount of Easter eggs from these.

Easy = 1 Easter egg
Normal = 2 Easter eggs
Hard = 3 Easter eggs

The quantity is also visible in the assignment description for you.

Production assignments

In addition to the port assignments, also production orders can be done. Depending on the size of the factory, the required quantity of assignments will differ. With higher factory levels, it becomes more difficult to actively manage orders, and you do not have enough of every product in stock, the requirements drop by a small amount with each factory level.

While you starting the productions, you can also see your current progress and the next reward on the red tab "Easter" in the fish factory.

With each additional reward level, the number of experience points, credits (single player), Gold Bars, and Easter eggs will increase to a certain point.

The exchange market

Here you can exchange your collected Easter eggs for the unique rewards. You can reach the exchange market via clicking the event icon on the top right side of the screen.

Ship Items

ico_easter-nest.png Easter nest: Ship experience + 15%, Speed + 100% (12 hours)

ico_easter-rabbit.png Chocolate Bunny: Speed + 100%, Working speed + 15% (12 hours)

Special booster
ico_eierlikoer.pngEggnog: Increases fuel regeneration by 25% for 4 hours.

This booster cannot be applied to a ship, but will boost your the regeneration per minute of your refinery. As soon as the eggnog has been used, the duration of this buff is shown on the top right side of the screen along with the other action icons.



 ico_color057.png Easter breakfast: storage capacity + 15%, working speed + 15% (7 days)

All items in the exchange market are unlimited in number.

Achievement "Easter 2018"

Sammelt insgesamt eine bestimmte Anzahl Ostereier.

Stage     Easter Eggs  Prestige
I                    1                500
II                   3               1000
III                  9               1500
IV                18               2250
V                 30               3000
VI                45               3750
VII               63               4500
VIII              84               5250
IX               108              6000
X                135              6750

We wish you a lot of fun with the new Easter event and wish you pleasant Easter festivities.

With nautical Greetings,
Your Big Bait Team

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