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Patch on September 19, 2017

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Ahoy Sailors,

with the maintenance on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, we will be implementing several changes that will mainly affect companies. Our aim is to add more variety and depth to the game with these changes. This is just the first of several upcoming improvements.

Bug fixes

  • When leaving a company, the correct 7-day block is now shown.
  • Some display errors in the game have been fixed.
  • Multiple certificates of the same type can no longer be purchased/activated.


  • The market prices of products have been increased.
  • A product purchase history is now available.
  • A new mini-event called "Fishing King" has been added to the game.


  • Visual tweaks have been made to the company build mode.
  • The "Welcome back" window at log in has been reduced in size.
  • The rank of certificates is now shown in the form of a colored border.
  • The shipyard view for ship production has been overhauled since the old version did not fit in the game very well.


Company assignments

  • The cost of requesting new fish and new production assignments has been reduced to 15 Silver Bars.

Building Upgrades

  • The upgrade times of company buildings have been reduced.
  • The upgrade costs of some company buildings have been increased.
  • 3 company warehouses can now be built.
  • The basic warehouse size has been reduced from 2000 to 500 products.
  • Experience for production in the fish factory now increases each time the headquarters are upgraded.


  • The Silver Bar price for certificates has been reduced.
  • A certificate purchase history is now available.
  • There are now only 4 ranks for each certificate. Certificates that have already been purchased will continue to be in effect following the patch.
  • 3 new certificates have been added.
    • Production Helper I-IV: Shorter production times in the fish factory
    • Diesel Optimization I-IV: Reduced fuel consumption for all of the company member's ships.
    • Better Bait I-IV: Baiting fish on the fishing ground is now more effective.

Fish factory

  • Higher recipes now take longer to produce (30 seconds per level).
  • Basic experience for productions has been reduced.
  • The production of higher recipes now grants relatively more experience.
  • The production bonus has been adjusted as follows:
    • Level 1 (30 productions): 1 random purple item
    • Level 2 (70 productions): 1 random golden item
    • Level 3 (130 productions): 1 ticket for the Quayside Bar

Nautical regards,
The Big Bait Team

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