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Patch on September 5, 2017

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Ahoy Sailors,

During maintenance on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 we will be implementing a patch that will mainly affect credit balance and items in the game. The goal of these changes is to ensure that there is no artificial surplus of resources, which makes it too easy or even unnecessary to manage them in the game.


  • The company warehouse is now clickable.
  • The texts for the company monuments have been revised.
  • Rank names and ship names have been added for later levels.


  • The "Bargain Sale" mini event now has the correct effect on the upgrading of the warehouse.
  • The Multiplayer event "Competion" is now available.


  • Port assignments, port events, competitions, and company assignments can now no longer be canceled. This feature was unnecessary, as these features are retained until completion or regeneration.
  • Credit prices for items in the shop have been increased by approx. 20%.
  • Due to the large number of casino tickets that the game has been flooded with, we have decided to modify a number of rewards for the Wheel of Fortune. The following modifications were made:
    • A credit slot was replaced with a free ticket
    • The "board computer" prize was reduced to 2.
    • The "Random items" prize was reduced to 2.
    • The "Jerrycan" prize was reduced to 3.

Note: Our internal figures indicated to us that the casino is too strong overall and accounted for a large portion of income sources for credits and items. Naturally, we want you to continue to receive a bonus, albeit one that may now be slightly less generous. Similarly, the credit prices for items in the shop were not proportional to the bonus, which is why we have once again made modifications.

  • The gold bar rewards for the weekly fishing grounds ranking were removed.
  • Port assignments now have a higher chance of paying out gold bars.

Note: Our goal is to shift the focus of the game to the completion of port assignments. We will therefore be placing more emphasis on modifying mechanics that favor dedicated farm fishing.


  • The "Innocence" skin (5% ship experience + 30% speed) was added and can now be used.

Upcoming Content

  • The development team is currently fine-tuning the new trawler event. So, you can look forward to the Atlantik 488 appearing on your map soon. However, you will receive a system message from us in good time before this happens.

Nautical regards,
The Big Bait Team

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