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  1. yes they have to give us back ticket's from the chef's. i got 4 ticket's from the weekly reset this time around... if they think that 4 or 5 tickets per WEEK is ok then they are seriously Stupid !!
  2. I agree with you callis, when they took away ticket's from the PC's my company stopped doing PC's, now they have taken away ticket's from the chef's... i no longer will do Chef's either. Now there is no way to get ticket's for the Wheel, which i depended on for fuel to keep my boats fishing as much as possible, now even that is completely screwed up !! I used to spend $100+ every month but they have screwed things up so much that now i only buy $20 a month to keep my Captain's Account going.
  3. indeed i have an open ticket about this right now and Tech support is not helping at all. and i know there are other players having this problem also
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