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  1. AHOY Fisher Persons: Let me speak out of the box , out of turn , not as a unikat media volunteer nor employee In No way are the following statements other then those of my own as a player . there was a time when there was ample help to be found in the game ,both En worlds as well as the English sec of the forum . To the point those who did it on a volunteer base i believe got very tired of the degrading and right out abusive treatment received from many that did not understand that the volunteers did not have the keys to the kingdom and did the best they could . As for the company i think most did not realize that this is not the main line of business . right or wrong i have always thought they were doing best they could. also i keep in mind this is a German designed game for mostly European play ,I am thankful that they left the en worlds up and did not close them like they did with some of the other money losing language based worlds . Players can go to staff page and send staff messages via forum messages offering to get involved may-be Volunteer to help or summit an application for player relations or gen employment Grandpas always said don't be part of the problem unless you have the answer and are welling to be part of the cure. i Know this doesn't answer much if any its just my two minnows . Taut sails, full nets and loaded hulls Mr Yumfy Capt of the Phantom Fleet EN-1 & EN-2 Player EN-1 EST Day-1 Player EN-2 EST Day-1
  2. try placing the question in the chat box listed as help . or you could place a ticket to support as well you could post it here .
  3. Ahoy captains: I have started this thread so issues and bugs with the the update can be voiced , and any fixes captains have found can be posted , please read the whole thread so we dont have a bunch of multis posted . 1st issue i have noticed is the exchange building get a warning box when you try to move it , the box says buildings can not over lap . this happens even when not close to anything else. next? Mr.yumfy
  4. Ahoy captains: here is a link that translate the bb-2 wiki ,just in case some may be haven a tad of problems gaining the translation to the bb-2 wiki . link one is the whole big bait 2 wiki and link two is to the trawler info , when page loads scroll down to translated trawler info sec. 1) translated bigbait 2 wiki https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwiki.unikatmedia.de%2Fbigbaitv2%2Fde%2F&edit-text=&act=url 2)trawler translated link   https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwiki.unikatmedia.de%2Fbigbaitv2%2Fde%2Ftrawler%2F&edit-text= one can click on the blue text to open new window with wiki translated info or copy and paste long link in to your browser . I hope this is of some use . claim seas , hardie sails and full nets Fish on! Mr.yumfy
  5. I know they seem slow but it would be best to run this issue thru in game support . Just in case you can find them under your game icon third lil box to the right the one that looks like a head with head phones on . Just my two rotten minnows Yumfy BTW stop by and see us at Phantom Fleet on both en-1 and en-2
  6. This guide is basically for Big Bait 1 and does not cross match well with big bait 2 . i also believe the other could have moved on . so my advice would be to seek out some of the older players whom play both servers , I am sure they can be found in gen chat on ether server en-1 or en-2 and would be more then glade to hope in the help chat tab . just my two rotten minnows Yumfy come by and see us @ Phantom Fleet on both en-1 and en-2
  7. Ahoy Captain: In BB-1 english server 1 the skins can be removed and saved or placed on another ship repeatedly However in BB-2 english server 2 the skins are non-transferable and expire if removed.
  8. seems like the wrong place for this thread j/s my two fish
  9. back on this side of the coin THREE !
  10. its looking like to me someone answered it by placing an open thread named Area specifically for BB2 questions and answers? By Wanderer, October 14, 2017 in Feedback/Troubleshooting Now only if the people whom post do it here problem solved dont yea think ? Just my two minnows Yumfy bb2
  11. Ahoy staff and devs : This is looking like it will be a good event for the hour of witching. And should keep the captains on their toes for some great advancement and fun . thanks in advance .
  12. this icon is up when anything goes on in company , system or message from player . and if you are in an active company its up all the time . http://prntscr.com/gw2jl6
  13. Ahoy captains : Is it just me or does anyone else get annoyed with the message system always haven the notification icon up ? if you are in an even remotely active company its always there you never know when you have messages from a player or if someone is just being active in the company . i really dislike spending so much time clicking on it . How much of a problem would it be to split game and player message notifications from the company notifications and have two different message icons?
  14. Ahoy Captains: I am going to poke the bear here again , i understand that what is made in the ff, and what is used in the pa as well as sold can be tracked by the chair or reps, However there is no way to see what players in a company are helping or NOT with the fish reloading site , as a past chair and current rep and active member of a company i would highly value being able to see who partakes and who is just riding the tails of the other hard working members . like this post if you agree maybe if it shows enough activity it will get noticed
  15. Ahoy Captains: The trawler event should be random anonymous and unannounced in its appearance, If deadwood is an issue a company should deal with them on a regular basis and not expel them because of a notice of an upcoming event.. unless we want to get back to a 30 day or longer rejoin when one leaves a company . Just my two and halft minnows Yumfy
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