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Companies and credits unbalanced

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Hello everyone,

After the major upgrade the changed about everything withing the game comes a serious problem for companies as there are only 3 ways to get credits:

1) Fish Factory for Port Authority work
2) Fish Factory excess work
3) Public Contracts

PA = Port Authority
PC = Public Contract

PA accepts only one job with tight time limit. I find it almost impossible to fullfil this 100% with our company memebers.
This provides an average of 500-1m credits per day.

Fish Factory excess work doesn't give much credits. These are products that go to your CO warehouse that are not accepted by PA.

Public contracts:

We got 6 players of level 162, 145, 139, 78, 22 and 15
Now we all know that the average level of all players determine the CAP how much both PA demands and how much PC demands.
So in our company, PC is 2414t
If i run my all ships 100% bosted I can make some 500-600t in 2 hours and I have highest and best ships in our company.
It's easy to calculate that with those players we cannot even theory pass the CAP.

So how much credits our company spends per day? That depends on certifications available, but it's easily more than 1m credits.

With the latest changes I've noticed there is no way to raise our company anymore.
There's absolutely no way to raise HQ levels anymore...

I run company so that playing this game is more challenging and fun, but kinda missing the point now...

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Now been running a few weeks I can say our company's growth is in total halt. We had 23m before the upgrade and seems we can gain enough to be in par with expenses, however what I pointed out above applies, thus NO COMPANY CAN BUILD ANYTHING NEW. 


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