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XIV. Fishing season


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Ahoy sailors,

the 14th fishing season is just around the corner. In this thread you will find everything important about the new season. Of course, there is also a new ship and new trophies for you to capture.  We wish you much success.


It starts on July 2nd at 10:00 (CEST)
Official end is the 2024-09-03 at 9:00am (CEST)



In the fishing season you have about 8 weeks to collect season points in all possible actions in the game and receive great rewards. There will be a ranking list and the best 10 fishermen will receive an exclusive trophy at the end of the season, which is available only once in each season.


For example, this port order gives 1 season points.


  • Port orders - with a chance you will get season points (not every order gives you points)
    • 1 point easy order
    • 2 points medium order
    • 3 points heavy order
  • Single player event
    • every 5th ton 1 point maximum: 50 points
  • Multiplayer event
    • 50 points if you have earned at least 5% of the pool
  • Restaurant
    • 10 points amateur chef
    • 20 points TV chef
    • 30 points star chef
  • Team Production
    • 1st day goal 30 points
    • 2nd daily target 20 points
    • 3rd daily target 10 points
  • Weekly ranking
    • Rank 1-5: 20 points
    • Rank 6-10: 15 points
    • Rank 11-25: 10 points
    • Rank 26-50: 5 points
    • Rank 51-100: 3 points
  • Video
    • for every video 3 points
  • Daily tasks
    • for every daily task 3 points


The amount of rewards depends mainly on whether you get the "Premium Saeson Pass".

image.pngBasically, you are in possession of the "Free Pass" for each season. With it, you will receive the rewards that come with the number of points you have earned. Once you have reached the number of points, you can simply pick up the reward. Besides the usual rewards like credits and Xp, there are also items, tickets and paints.

image.pngWith the Premium Pass you also have the possibility to get additional rewards.





Starting this season, the price is tiered. The season ship is "less" valuable for "lesser" players than for players who have already reached the entire expansion. As a rule, these players exchange the ship again, so they do not have the advantage as a player who is in the final stage. Therefore, we have decided that the price will go by expansion. It will be as follows:

  • Shipyard level 1 - 19: 500 gold bars
  • Shipyard level 20 - 25: 575 gold bars
  • Shipyard level 26 - 32: 650 gold bars
  • Shipyard level 33 and above: 725 gold bars

The price depends on the upgrade at the time of purchase of the Premium Pass.


From this season on there is a season bonus for all captains. This will increase one of the ship attributes (warehouse capacity, speed, operating speed), for the duration of the season (including Postevent). The amount is variable and depends on the pass and your progress in collecting season points. The amount of the season bonus is as follows:

+5% Free Pass (every captain receives at least this 5% during the season)

+5% Premium Pass

+0.1% per 280 season points (up to a maximum of 10%)

In the XIV. season you will receive the bonus on the attribute: "Speed".



Here is an overview of the season badges.


Badge I. Season
Badge II. Season
Badge III. Season
Badge IV. Season
Badge V. Season
Badge VI. Season
Badge VII. Season
Badge VIII. Season
Badge IX. Season
Badge X. Season
Badge XI. Season
Badge XII. Season
Badge XIII. Season



The seasonal ship is a reward for fishermen who have collected at least 15,000 season points and have the Premium Pass. The ship itself occupies a slot as usual (so you have to make room for it). But this should not be a problem, because the seasonal ship is 30% better in all stats than the best premium ship, which you can then buy at the time of collection. This ship is also permanent - so you can keep it!


Ship I. Season
Ship II. Season
Ship III. Season
Ship IV. Season
Ship V. Season
Ship VI. Season
Ship VII. Season
Ship VIII. Season
Ship IX. Season
Ship X. Season
Ship XI. Season
Ship XII. Season
Ship XIII. Season


Every day the best season point collector is rewarded. The fisherman with the most season points on the day receives a small reward. Every day is counted anew. So you always have a chance to win. In case of a tie, the fisherman who scored the points first wins.


Attention: There will be no daily winner on the last day!

We hope you are looking forward to the season as much as we are.

With nautical greetings

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