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Patch 16.01.2024


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Hello all,

in today's maintenance of 16.01.2024 the following new features were integrated into the game:

Content of the patch

  • Feature: Message system adjusted
    • Messages from the system and announcements are now separate displays, this should prevent announcements from being lost
  • Feature: Mini event training measures
    • More experience points for instructors and sailors during the event
  • Bugfix: Removed season points for daily goals on the last day of the season
    • When the season ended, the reward was still given (without credit), this no longer occurs
  • Bugfix: Daily tasks were awarded when renewing, although the goal was no longer achievable (hire cooks), this no longer occurs
  • Adjustment: the work record of the trawler can now be viewed by trusted persons
  • Adjustment: Sailor Nadja 2nd special attribute increased from 20% to 50%
  • Adjustment: recycling points are no longer awarded for new daily goals


With nautical greetings

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