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Halloween 2023 (EN1)


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The „Kobold's Haunting“ Halloween-Event


"Hoi hoi, landlubbers and sailors, open the hatches, it's time for a story. I saw him, the giant octopus and the white whale, yes, yes. Don't believe me, but I'll tell you the truth. But my most unbelievable experience, that was an encounter with the Klabautermann. Not just any Klabautermann, as the men tell each other on stormy nights. No, I'm talking about THE Klabautermann. His ship can sing and navigate on the sea, like a dancer on stage. The sea IS his stage. Think it's a sailor's yarn or not, but I tell you, you'll meet him someday."




During the event period, you will find a ship on your port card that, when clicked, will hold new orders for you. These orders are called Klabauter orders. At the same time, you will find a pumpkin icon at the top right of the screen, which shows you the exact time of the event (start: October 23rd, 09:00 a.m CEST.; end: November 01rd, 2023 09:00 a.m. CEST) with a timer. If you click on the pumpkin icon, the exchange market will open where you can exchange your captured Klabautermünzen for unique and high rewards.


Special Missions


Every day you have 3x2 special halloween missions at your disposal. These are generated at 06:00, 14:00 & 22:00. As usual, you can request additional orders for the price of 5 gold bars.

Each special halloween mission brings a coin as a reward, which can be exchanged in the exchange market for the event rewards. The required fish for the orders can be deposited quite simply. So you can fish it anywhere on the map. The order amount is calculated based on your level.


Swap meet

You can buy the Kobold ticket and the new "Figurehead" item as many times as you like, whereas the "The Ghost Ship", "Kobold's Blessing" and "The Kobold Ship" rewards are limited to one of each.

The 3 unique rewards will remain in your possession until 9 a.m. on 11/28/23.



Exchangeable rewards:


Kobold's lot
Costs: 1 Kobold's coin


The Kobold Ticket may contain the following random rewards:

  • experience points
  • credits
  • raw materials
  • 1 orange item
  • 5 Gold Bars
  • a dud
  • one free ticket (2 Kobold Coins)


The Figurehead
Costs: 2 Kobold's coins


The figurehead is an item that increases the working speed of a ship by 30% and the cruising speed by 150%. The special thing about this booster is that it lasts 12 hours.



The Ghost Ship
Costs: 15 Kobold Coins


The Ghost Ship is an additional ship that does not require a free ship slot. Available until: 11/28/23, 9:00 a.m.




Kobold's Blessing
Costs: 30 Kobold Coins


The Kobold's Blessing grants you 100% more reward for daily assignments at ports. Available until: 11/28/23, 9:00 a.m.



The Kobold Ship
Costs: 50 Kobold Coins


The Kobold Ship is an additional ship that does not require a free ship slot. Available until: 11/28/23, 9:00 a.m.



The achievement „Kobold's Haunting 2023“

Of course you can earn a new achievement again this year and get some prestige with it. To continue your success, you will need to collect Kobold's coins.

Stage                       Coins needed                                     Reward of prestige

Stage I                                   1                                                                500

Stage II                                  3                                                            1.000

Stage III                                 9                                                            1.500

Stage IV                                18                                                           2.250

Stage V                                 30                                                           3.000

Stage VI                                45                                                           3.750

Stage VII                               63                                                           4.500

Stage VIII                              84                                                           5.250

Stage IX                                108                                                         6.000

Stage X                                 135                                                         6.750

With nautical salute,
Your Big Bait Team


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