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The Pirates


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Ahoy sailors,
for centuries they have been crossing the seven seas and plundering them. Now it's up to you to put them to flight together. You have 12 hours to put the pirates to flight. If you manage to do this, you will receive a fat loot. Cause as much damage as you can and defeat the pirate.



What are the pirates?


A pirate is an opponent on whom all can inflict damage. Together, they must be brought down. Only then will you receive the full reward. Each pirate has a weakness. The higher your value in the category, the more damage you do. Currently there are 4 different pirates.

Every 3 minutes you can attack the pirate, if this takes too long, you can also shorten this with gold bars and immediately start the next attack. Additionally you can watch a video and reduce the countdown by 1min 30sec. The video can be watched again every 10 minutes.

How does it work?

A pirate has a huge amount of life points. Based on your fleet, you can inflict damage. Your storage capacity, speed and operating speed are brought into an even ratio. So each value has the same effect. The basic value in sum of each ship is your damage. Additionally the bonuses of each value (item, motivation, etc.) are added. For example, if the weakness is storage capacity, the bonus value has an extra factor. The factor is different for each pirate.


What are the rewards?

With every attack you get a small reward. With every 5th attack you get a small treasure chest on top. You can find the treasure chest in your inventory and open it there. It contains different rewards. The 50 players with the most attacks will receive additional rewards, as will the 10 players with the most damage and the last attack.

  • Each Attack
    • Experience (Level dependent)
    • Credits (Level dependent)
    • 1x Small treasure chest - pirates (every 5th attack)
  • 100 players with the most attacks
    • 5,000 prestige Prestige
    • 500 recycling pointsRecyclingpunkte
    • 3x Skin Eldorado
    • 1x Powerfull treasure chest - pirates
  • Top 20 total damage
    • 150 gold bars
    • 72h captain account
  • Last attack
    • 50 gold bars
    • 24h captain account


What are treasure chests?

In treasure chests can be different rewards. Depending on the type of treasure chest, these rewards differ. For example, a Small Treasure Chest contains less prestige than a Powerful Treasure Chest. A Powerful Treasure Chest may contain a ticket, for example, that is not found in a Small Treasure Chest. Treasure chests can be opened in the inventory.


Small treasure chest - pirates

Possible content:

  • Prestige
  • Recycling points
  • Purple Items
  • Gold Items
  • Gold Bars



Powerful treasure chest - pirates

Possible content:

  • Ticket
  • Gold Items
  • Gold Bars
  • Captain account





We hope you enjoy this little event and wish you good luck in defeating the pirates.

With nautical greetings


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Changelog 16.05.2023

  • Powerful treasure chest
    • Recyclingpoints removed
    • Prestige removed
    • Ticket count increased
    • Golden items count increases
    • Captain account duration increased
  • Small treasure chest
    • Gold Items added
  • Video
    • Waiting time of 10 min introduced

The change in chests affects future chests. If you still have old chests in your inventory, they will still have the old rewards.

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