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The Cartel


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We were able to successfully complete the test phase and plan to integrate the new feature "The Cartel" into the game as part of the weekly maintenance on 14.07.2020.

The Company Cartel

image.pngThe cartel allows a company to gain access to special items.

The cartel has 10 expansion levels and with each expansion level unlocks new items that the shareholders can buy for credits. The offer is limited, so that only a further level increase or from level 10 on new goods have to be procured.

New goods can be obtained either by level-up or from level 10 on against the corresponding
Number of cartel points.


Cartel points
With every completed production order the company receives cartel points. These automatically flow into the expansion of the cartel. From level 10 on, these points are only used for the procurement of new goods.

Goods in the cartel
The goods are available to every member and can be purchased until the stock is exhausted. New goods only come with a level increase or from level 10 with the "Procurement of new goods". Cartel points are always necessary for this.

  •     Experience emblems
  •     Ticket for the Casino
  •     special boosters for the ships
  •     Recycling points
  •     special corporate colours

The offer and the limitation increases with the progressive level of the cartel, i.e. at the beginning you have only 2 different goods.

The monuments come back

image.pngAs players now collect cartel points and only get them through production orders, it makes sense to produce more in less time. To boost the production hall, you can activate a bonus at the monuments. This bonus is stackable up to 50% and shortens the production time accordingly.

1 monument = 10%
2 monuments = 25%
3 monuments = 50%

To activate the bonus, the monuments must be supplied with credits. Each team member can "donate" a monument, i.e. add an amount of personal credits.

The monument has 15 slots, which are filled with each donation. From the 10th slot on, the monument is active and gives the bonus. However, 1 slot is removed every hour, so that regular donations are required to maintain the bonus.

Now there is a little catch: every time you donate, my personal amount increases, which I have to do the next time I click. So at some point it will become very expensive if I am the only one on the team who donates. That's why it makes sense if other team members donate as well, because my personal amount decreases over time. So if you don't donate for a while, the amount will decrease again.

The more members a society has, the slower the amount of an individual is reduced. This is to ensure that really everyone in the society participates in the donation.

The Game Loop

  •     Company accepts production order
  •     Players donate Monument
  •     players catch fish / players produce
  •     Cartel to be expanded
  •     Players buy goods from the Cartel Shop


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