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I hate having to come in here and moan but it appears that we are totally and utterly ignored unless we are on the DE servers.

EN players cannot log into the test servers to give their feedback.

It feels like there is a them (DE) and us (EN) where they get listened to.

I will say that parts of the game are a lot easier but the AI which tells us which port it suggests doesn't take the time left into account and it can't be finished in time. Yet there's usually a port that is a lower % but has enough time to complete the assignment

It used to be fun with a lot of banter. Most 4 man companies are facing a possible cull in the future if any players quit.

It seems that companies can tout for new players in any chat they like.

The general chat has gone downhill rapidly and not a sign of a moderator is to be seen.

The playing field MUST be levelled. I could go on for hours.


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