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Redesign of Public Contracts


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Hello, everybody,

at this point we would like to present you the redesign of the new public contract for companies. By and large, different companies no longer play in different groups, but all play together. There are 2 things to keep in mind:

Phase 1 (registration phase) - 1 hour


In order to participate in an Public Contracts, at least 3 members are required to click on "Participate". Per participating member, the potential reward increases, as well as the amount of catch that has to be made.

The catch amount is scaled with the respective player level of the participant in order to create equal opportunities. 3 x level 120 players must logically perform more than 3 x level 30 players. We have tried to balance it so that both groups in this example can manage the required catch in 2 hours without using boosters or gold bars (!).

Participants must have reached at least player level 15 to participate. There are 2 reasons for this: a) we want to prevent "multi-accounts" from sprouting out of the ground and b) level 15 implies a certain amount of catchable fish. This is to make sure that all players who participate have the same fish pool and that there is no one who cannot catch anything yet.

During the registration phase, you will only see what kind of fish or crustacean to catch. Only when it goes into Phase 2 will you see what your company has to deliver.

Phase 2 (processing phase) - 2 hours

In this phase it is now important to deliver the required quantity as quickly as possible. The company which first has the catch quantity to 100% wins and gets the most reward. But don't worry, no one will go away empty-handed. As soon as your company has produced at least 50% of the catch, you will receive 50% of the possible reward. With each additional 1% of the catch, the reward increases linearly by 1%. So you can relax and earn 100% of the catch within the 2 hours.


How can you get the 100% faster? There are different possibilities. You can use boosters for your ships or motivate your company members. But also using gold bars when pulling in nets or baiting can help you reach your goal faster.

By the way, if you don't like the fish (or crustacean) you want, you can change the catch for 20 silver bars. But beware: your progress made up to that point will be reset in this case!

Also for players who want to join in later is taken care of. Up to 1 hour before the end of the processing phase, a shareholder can join later for a few gold bars. The required catch, but also the reward increases at that moment.

As soon as the 2 hours have expired, it is evaluated and the rewards are distributed. 1 hour before the start of the next job, you can then register for this job again.

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