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Changelog Patch [03.12.2019]


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Hello everybody,

here the changelog for the todays patch as usual:

  • Change of the production order in the company
    • An order always has 24h time to be completed
    • The quantity to be produced depends on:
      • Type of product
      • Number of members (min. 3) who can produce the product
      • Number of available production lines
    • The more members a company has, the more difficult it is to coordinate everything - therefore there is up to 20% bonus (1% per member from 5 members) on the quantity to be produced (only the members who can produce the product are evaluated).
  •     XP reward in the fish factory now increases more with player level
  •     Companies with less than 3 members are now warned after 7 days and deleted after 14 days.
  •     Bug fixed that ships are not stopped after the end of single and multiplayer events
  •     minor GUI customizations


With nautical greetings

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