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XMAS Event 2019


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Ahoy, sailors,

With the start of the event you can play the mini-game "Ice-Scoop-Netting" to earn ice crystals for the Christmas market and open a door in the Advent calendar every day (from 1 December). In addition, you can produce more crystals on the Christmas Islands.

Before we go into the individual features, here's the schedule so you can see all the times:



If you want to give us some feedback, you can do so in this thread.

With nautical greetings,
Your Big Bait Team

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Christmas Calendar

Screenshot_2.pngFrom the first of December, you can open a door from the Christmas calendar every day and receive a random surprise. Missed doors can also be opened for gold bars.



When you open the window, you will get a preview of the 3 possible rewards for that day. Then click on the "Shuffle" button to select a reward. The 3 possible rewards will be hidden and mixed in the 3 bags and you can choose one of them. The reward of the selected bag now belongs to you. If you also want to receive the other rewards of the day, you can open a 2nd bag for 2 gold bars and a 3rd bag for 5 gold bars.

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Ice Scoop Netting

You can reach the event "Ice-Scoop-Netting" via the new object in your home port.



Here you can use fish nets that jump out of ice holes to obtain ice crystals, which you can trade for rewards at the Christmas Market.

You'll have 100 stamina to do this. Each time you swing your landing net, this will cost you 10 stamina. Your stamina will regenerate by one point every minute. The endurance can also be recharged for gold bars.

Once you have earned 10 catches, they are automatically converted to ice crystals.

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Exchange Market

In the Christmas Shop you can exchange your hard-earned ice crystals for useful items such as items, paints and ships. We also offer special offers on Advent days, where you can take advantage of special offers with gold bars. You can find the exchange market on the Christmas Islands in the Christmas Factory. From the Postevent you can reach it via the icon in the upper right corner.

There are 6 rewards available at the Christmas market:


The Resource Package
Costs: 15 Ice Crystals

The resource package contains credits and experience points. The amount of credits and experience points is calculated based on the player level.

The Recycling Points
Costs: 40 Ice Crystals

Here you get 25 recycling points for the Baufhof.

The angel figure
Costs: 50 Ice Crystals

The angel figure is an item that you can only get during the Christmas event. It increases the storage capacity as well as the working speed by 30%.

The Paint - Christmas Spell
Costs: 120 Ice Crystals

The paint changes the appearance of your ship to that of a Christmas sled and improves status values (storage capacity and ship experience) by 15%.

(temporary ship [04.02.2020 9 am] with additional slot) - 1,250 Ice Crystals

Christmas toboggan
(time limited ship [04.02.2020 9 o'clock] with additional slot) - 2,500 Ice Crystals

Note: Icebreakers and Christmas sledges are 15% and 25% better, respectively, than the current highest buyable ship in your shipyard. The following values will be improved: storage capacity, speed and working speed.

Which offers there will be is a surprise. So be sure to check it out!

Painting - Christmas Magic

They can be applied to your ships to change their appearance and increase their status. You can find the paint in your dry dock and apply it there.

anstrich.png.594e545987c62074fff0cb4bb80ae8c1.png   Schlitten(1).png.cbef231acfabc8f79fa8029d6c9f57c3.png

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Christmas Islands

On the Christmas Islands you will find several harbours that will help you catch the rare Christmas fish.

nord.png   süd.png   west.png

In order to be able to use a port, one must first unlock it. You can unlock the first port for free. You can choose which port you want to unlock first. Each port you unlock will automatically have a ship sailing and fishing for you.

port-kostenlos.png   Screenshot_8.png


  1. for free
  2. 20 ice crystals oder 25 gold bars
  3. 40 ice crystals oder 50 gold bars


Screenshot_10.pngYou can motivate the harbour with gold bars. Then you get a 10 ton bonus on the fish for the 10 minutes. At irregular intervals you have the opportunity to receive a 3 minute bonus for free. So check out the islands every now and then, because it's worth it!



Each port can be upgraded to level 5. In the following table you can see how long the expansion will take, how many ice crystals will be needed for the expansion and how many tons you will get after the expansion when the ship delivers.


Level Amount Upgrade Costs Time to Upgrade
1 5 Tons - -
2 10 Tons 10 Ice Crystals 30 Min.
3 15 Tons 20 Ice Crystals 30 Min.
4 20 Tons 35 Ice Crystals 30 Min.
5 25 Tons 50 Ice Crystals 30 Min.



Below your stock indicator you will receive another indicator. It will show you how full the Christmas Fish Camp is, how many ice crystals you have, and how many fish you get into your camp per minute.

Christmas factory

In the Christmas factory you can convert your fish into Chocolate Santa Clauses and get ice crystals for it. Your current progress will tell you how much chocolate you still need to make to receive a reward. The reward always stays the same, only the current progress increases each time.


Stage Required Fish Upgrade Costs Upgrade Time
1 5 Tons - -
2 14 Tons 5 Ice Crystals 10 Min.
3 27 Tons 10 Ice Crystals 20 Min.
4 41 Tons 15 Ice Crystals 30 Min.
5 58 Tons 20 Ice Crystals 40 Min.
6 76 Tons 25 Ice Crystals 50 Min.
7 96 Tons 30 Ice Crystals 60 Min.
8 117 Tons 35 Ice Crystals 1h 10 Min.
9 140 Tons 40 Ice Crystals 1h 20 Min.
10 164 Tons 45 Ice Crystals 1h 30 Min.
11 189 Tons 50 Ice Crystals 1h 40 Min.
12 216 Tons 55 Ice Crystals 1h 50 Min.
13 243 Tons 60 Ice Crystals 2h
14 272 Tons 65 Ice Crystals 2h 10 Min.
15 301 Tons 70 Ice Crystals 2h 20 Min.
16 332 Tons 75 Ice Crystals 2h 30 Min.
17 364 Tons 80 Ice Crystals 2h 40 Min.
18 396 Tons 85 Ice Crystals 2h 50 Min.
19 430 Tons 90 Ice Crystals 3h
20 464 Tons 95 Ice Crystals 3h 10 Min.
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You can also give a present to your company during the Christmas season and take care of the new Christmas orders at the port authority. To do this, you simply pay in the gifts you find in the port orders. The amount of the order depends on the number of members. After a Christmas order has been completed, a new one is automatically generated.




Company embellishments





You still want to give your company the right Christmas look? Then you can do it now! Enhance your company with decorations that are only available during the Christmas season.

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