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Changelog Patch [19.11.2019]


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Ahoy, sailors,

the major fuel update is now behind us. We've received a lot of feedback on this and want to go into it with some of the changes this patch contains.

  • Fish factory: The history can now be viewed by all members
  • Harbour on the map: When an order is accepted and a ship is sailing, you can now see that directly on the map through 2 spinning gears
  • Ship profile: You can now see in the ship details how long the order is still running.
  • Chat: Moderators and administrators will no longer appear in the chat with names, but only as "Moderators" or "Administrators".

In addition, there are still a few adjustments to the game balance:

  • Production order: The product to be delivered is only visible after the order has been accepted.
    • In addition, the catch requirement will be amended for the same rewards.
      • light orders require approx. 30% more tons
      • medium orders require approx. 20% less tons
      • heavy orders require approx. 60% less tons

The specifications for the new required production quantity always refer to the old quantity.


Why are moderators now displayed anonymously?

This change actually stems from one of our other games, because it happened there that certain players "shot" themselves into a certain moderator. If this person now also writes messages with his ingame account, this often leads to irrational actions on the part of these users. Personal hostility and public discrimination were the result. In order to avoid this in the future and to protect our honorary moderators, they will appear in their role as moderators in the future only in anonymous form. It will then no longer be apparent which moderator is pronouncing the sanction A or temp-ban B. This does not matter in our opinion, because our moderators have clear instructions how to behave in certain cases to keep the peace in public chat.

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