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Changelog Patch [12.11.2019]


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Hello everybody,

in the upcoming maintenance on 12.11.2019 we will make a lot of changes on the game worlds DE3 and EN2. For your information: when we talk about fish, we also mean crabs. There is rather the catch itself - for reasons of simplification it is called fish.

Maintenance window: 12.11.2019 09:00 am - 11:00 am CET (2 hours)

Contents of the patch

  • Fuel as a resource is removed from the game:
    • Existing fuel canisters can be exchanged for recycling points until 12.12.2019, after which they expire.
  • The way you fish and do port jobs will change (explained below).
  • The selling prices on the Fish Exchange will change based on the amount of fish a particular fish sells in relation to the average amount of fish sold in the last hour. If more than the average was sold, the price decreases and vice versa. This also applies to the team at the Handelskontor.
  • The tutorial has been revised using the new mechanics.
  • There is a new mini-event "Fast Painting" (paintings are reduced).
  • New quest markers make it easier for you to find objects of special importance.
  • Team: there is only 1 production order left in the port authority (the fish order is omitted) - if it is accepted, all goods produced for it will count towards the order. It is no longer possible to deposit from the warehouse. This is to create a certain time pressure during the completion of the order, since one has only limited time for an order. If you do not complete the order completely, you will only receive a proportional reward for this order.
  • The radar station no longer has to be actively removed to uncover the map. The map is automatically unlocked as the player level increases. If you remove the radar station, however, new trawler spots will be unlocked which will allow you to access the new "idle mechanics" even at remote fish spots.
  • The fish factory gets some adjustments:
    • Daily Reward Adjusted (level 3 increased from 75 to 100)
    • Always increase the value for daily production by the quantity actually produced (previously always by 1).
    • XP reward increased (20% bonus on total)
  • The event "Trawler Atlantik 488" will be adapted according to the new fuel mechanics:
    • Phase 2 is played by a click-and-wait technique similar to the repair phase.
    • The refuelling phase of the trawler is now designed for at least 3 members. If you have less than 3 members, it will be harder to complete this phase.
  • You can now preselect how many items of the same type you want to create in the building yard.
  • The production of objects on the building yard can only have the following running times: 6h, 12h, 24h
  • At the shop there are only 6h or 12h items left to buy
    • Old items can still be scrapped for recycling points
  • The costs in the shop will be adjusted:
    • Credit costs +30%
    • Premium costs -20%
  • The Seal nursing station can now only be started from level 15 on.
  • The casino has been adjusted:
    • Fuel & Recycling Points removed
  • Teams with less than 3 members will be deleted automatically in the future:
    • Teams with too few members will first receive a warning (after 3 days) and then be deleted (after 7 days).
    • If there are deposited silver bars, they will be paid back to the respective members, provided they are not older than 30 days. All other silver bars will be distributed evenly among the members.
    • There are 2 pools of teams (pool 1 - old teams - these are excluded from automatic deletion until they reach 3 members), (pool 2 - all newly created teams after the patch are affected by automatic deletion)
    • If an old team reaches 3 members, they are moved from pool 1 to pool 2.
  • The view of the boxes at the event "Seal nursing station" has been improved and made more intuitive.
  • The certificate "Diesel Otimization" is removed.
  • Items can now be sold in stacks if you own more than 1 item of the same type.
  • Various UI improvements and minor bugfixes


Regarding the new nuclear mechanics, here is the explanation of how fishing will work in the future:

There are now 3 different ways to catch fish on the map:

  • Port with conventional port mission
    • Purpose: XP, active gaming
  • Trawlers at sea
    • Purpose: To carry out company missions, passive fishing in absentia
  • Harbour with single or multiplayer* events
    • Purpose: random events with high rewards for active gaming

Port with conventional port order


With this type of port, you can complete a port order at any time. The moment you supply the port with the fish you are looking for, you process it. As soon as you have delivered enough fish, the order is finished and you get your reward. The fish you are looking for does not end up in the warehouse, only the by-catch.

If you click on the harbour, you get to the new, simplified route planning:


The next best fishing ground has already been pre-selected. The system determines the fishing ground on the basis of the distance to the port and the fish quota. Of course you can choose any other fishing ground where you can find the fish you are looking for.

To complete a port order, you can select up to 5 vessels. This limitation is intended! Depending on which ships and how many of them I have selected, the system calculates how long it will take to complete the order. This time can be influenced by various factors. For example, if you add more ships afterwards, the time will be updated the next time you unload the fish in the port. The ships then travel the specified route until the order is completed. If you want to subtract individual ships from the order, this is possible via the ship details.

If you have accepted an order, you can end it immediately for gold bars. The price is only defined by the remaining time of the order. The shorter the order (e.g. because you have sent off many ships), the cheaper the shortcut.

Running harbour orders appear on the left side of the screen and can therefore be tracked:


Here you can see the current catch quantity and the expected remaining time of the order. With a click on the order, you get back to the order details.

The harbour orders are the engine of the game - here the player gets experience (XP), which gives him priority in the game.

Trawlers at sea


The higher you go in the level, the bigger is my visible area on the map. To be able to catch fish when I'm not there (port orders require active play), there are trawlers. These trawlers are activated with increasing radar level and therefore offer me places to go for far away fish spots - they are quasi floating intermediate bases, where I can deliver my fish, which then goes to the camp.

If you click on a trawler you get to the simplified tour planning:


In this view you can choose your fishing ground (the densest one is already preselected) and you can send as many free ships as you like. As soon as you have set the duration, the ships can start and continue the route between Spot and Trawler as long as you have set the duration. The hours are intended to be graded - so you'll need to see how long you want to send your ships.

If you don't like the fish spot, just click on "Select Fishing Ground":


Here you can see the trawler and all sorts of spots. You still have the possibility to filter between crabs and fish.

As soon as the ships start sailing, you can add ships to the route afterwards, which then simply continue to sail the route as long as the remaining time is available. The trawlers are therefore ideal for completing social orders and passive play when you're not around.

Harbour with single or multiplayer* events

Besides the normal harbours, there are new event harbours. These can be found on the map and can only be actively clicked as soon as an event takes place there. At these events you can get some nice extra rewards - so active playing is worth it!


As soon as an event is active, you can clearly see it through the plate above the harbour. If you now click on the harbour, you will get to the event view:


Similar to the trawler, you can select the fishing ground (only the fishing grounds that house the target fish) and send as many ships as you want. The event is limited in time and the more line fish you deliver, the more reward you will get. So it's worth catching nets here!

It is also possible to send ships on the journey afterwards. Once sent off, the ships will travel until the event is over.

That's what it should have been at this point - admittedly quite a lot. We are currently working at full speed to start a new fishing season very soon, adapted to the conditions. But there are still some considerations and tests to be made. We know that we won't reach every old-established player with the patch, but we're convinced that this will pave the way for another continuation of the game.

With nautical greetings

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