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Hello, everybody,

as announced, we want to give you an outlook on what we will soon have to rebuild in the "new" game worlds. This is preceded by a public test, so that everyone has the opportunity to give feedback and find mistakes.

Here are the changes in detail:

  •     Fuel & Refinery to be removed
  •     Radar level is now tied to player level
    • Players now automatically reveal the map when they rise in the level
  •     Optical: Slider that shows the progress of the accepted port orders.
  •     Port orders & seal station can be started with a click over the port & ships can be driven until these have been completed
  •     New "Idle Ports" where you can let a ship sail for X hours
    • So you can also catch fish if you are not actively involved
  •     Expansion of radar station opens up new "idle ports
  •     Mooring directly via the port possible for the respective port order
  •     Port orders can be finished immediately
  •     SP/MP events are now only generated for idle ports

Those are the hard facts first.

Why is the fuel removed?
That was always the biggest problem for the players. After all the routes were planned, the fuel was empty and half the fleet was standing around. We think we've found a solution how to do without fuel, but still not drive the ships on 1 million routes without ever having to log in again.

The simplified route planning now takes place directly at the port. There is a port order, which is processed with at least 1 ship. You can also select several ships, which logically shortens the duration of the order.

Example: The port order is to bring 15T saithe to Henderson. The nearest fish spot is pre-selected. But you can also choose other spots if you think the distribution of the fish is better there. At least 1 boat is pre-selected. With boat XY this order would take 45 minutes. The boat will run the previously calculated routes as soon as you start. If something changes (catch quota, boosters run off, etc.) it can be that the order is not yet completely finished after the before calculated routes of e.g. 30x. Then you send boats again. Usually you can start an order with 1 click and it will be finished in the calculated time. If you select several boats before, then the duration of the order decreases dynamically (you are faster with 2 boats).

It may sound a bit strange, but you'll see on the test server that you can now do much more intuitive tasks.

What are idle ports?
You already know the mechanics from the Easter event. These are points on the map where you can simply send your ship and catch fish until the camp overflows. This is mainly because during your offline time you don't have to leave the boats standing around in vain. But beware: Experience (XP) does not exist for idling. If you want to get ahead, you have to process harbour orders.

What about the fishing season?
When we are through with the changes and everything feels good, there will be another season. Of course it has to be adjusted accordingly, because we are throwing the system of the game a bit over the top.

When does the test start?
If everything goes smoothly, we should be able to start testing around 10.05.2019.

translated with deepl translator

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