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BB2: No fuel, half of the ships idling with all the players

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now when we cannot anymore get fuel from the bar with tickets, problem is that most players are idling.

I'd idling 50% of my boats (I do not run them).

5 gbar per day = 150 gbar monthly. Is this really your idea of a working game? LOL



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100% agree. Throwing a recycle points in there was another slap in the face.

If you play the game well and are making it work then Kit Kat break the game.

It is hard enough to get tickets. Add to that how difficult it is to get the fuel and you slowly kill the game bar.

Yes I have all building maxxed and the the warehouse upgrades are so expensive.

They also screwed with the Company warehouses and upgrading them is now far too hard for a small company.

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