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BB English areas are neglected by devs

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Hello all,


If you take a look at any posts here, requiring verifying, help, ideas or what so ever, even if that post had been submitted years ago, there's never dev / admin responses, so what is the point of English forums, as everything takes place in German forums.

Yumfy helps sometimes English forums, but doubt he has any saying what takes place here.

'nuff said


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You`re right.

Everything takes place in the german part.

But... since month the users are the only writers in this forum.

The non-german parts of this forum are taken as an example to show the germans how quiet the other users are. They want to persuade us that you are satisfied...


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We are certainly not happy but then we don't log in her because it is the same old same old.

It is shocking how poorly (non existent) users/players are treated by those in "power". Look at today's maintenance Not word about it from the devs.

We just have to find out for ourselves what has been screwed up or "added"


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AHOY Fisher Persons:

Let me speak out of the box , out of turn , not as a  unikat media volunteer nor employee In No way are the following statements other then those of my own as a player .

  there was a time when there was ample help to be found in the game ,both En worlds as well as the English sec of the forum . 

To the point those who did it on a volunteer base i believe got very tired of the degrading and right out abusive treatment received from many that did not understand that the volunteers did not have the keys to the kingdom and did the best they could . 

As for the company i think most did  not realize that this is not the main line of business . right or wrong i have always thought they were doing best they could. 

also i keep in mind this is a German designed game for mostly European play ,I am  thankful that they left the en worlds up and did not close them like they did with some of the other money losing language based worlds .

  Players can go to staff page and send  staff messages via forum messages offering to get involved may-be Volunteer to help or summit an application for player relations or gen employment Grandpas always said don't be part of the problem   unless you have the answer and are welling to be part of the cure.

i Know this doesn't answer much if any its just my two minnows .

Taut sails, full nets  and loaded hulls  

Mr Yumfy

Capt of the Phantom Fleet EN-1 & EN-2

Player EN-1 EST Day-1

Player EN-2 EST Day-1 



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