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Patch on October, 30th - Improvements to Building Yard


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Ahoy sailors,

Based on your feedback, we will make some adjustments to the new building yard during maintenance on Tuesday. These should serve to make the system easier to access and to make the costs fairer.

Building Yard

  • Green items (from the old yard) can now also be recycled.
  • Quality Points / Recycling Points for additional categories in construction are removed. (This means that only QP / RP will count towards the actual value increase.)
  • The threshold for premium costs has been increased, so that new items only cost extra gold bars at much higher values.
  • So that the items do not become too strong as a result of these changes, we have slightly raised the recycling point costs for the time factor.


These changes have already been implemented with the patch of October 23, 2018 and are listed here for completeness.

  • The value of the blue wooden boxes has been raised from 15% to 20%.
  • The value of purple smart nets has been increased from 15% to 20%.

We hope that these adjustments to the new yard will make you feel better and more appealing to you. Concerning the Restaurants, we would like to emphasize that we will not reintroduce the Wheel of Fortune tickets.

Of course, we think about how the chefs can continue to keep you attractive, without again creating an oversupply, as happened with the tickets.

With nautical greetings,
Your Big Bait Team

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