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BB2: Gaining gold bars, upkeeping captain's account

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I've seen few people mentioning spending $20 to upkeep cap account. This sound super silly to me, as I'd never spend a FB game montly $20. You can get real games for that price.


Now, i've spent 2nd time 670 gbar for cap account: the 1st time it was a struggle to get gbars from port assignments and wheel of fortune back and I did it barely. Now i'm running 2nd time 3 months cap account, and it's clear there's no way of getting gbars back through port assignments. I play min 12h day.

Devs do crappy job here in balancing game economy. Recent changes in last two months only decrease ingame gold bars and increase the need to use gold bars.

As devs put "purchase real money" option in everywhere, they've clearly forgotten what these games are all about. If you investor says "more money and fast", and you screw the game economy while doing so, you'll lose the rest of the player in process.

Next 2-3 months will definitely show whether or not this game has reached its end line.

I also do dislike things like they do in BB1.. like stop developing game and accepting new players. So it's a sandbox game for older players.

I would not be surprised to see BB3 and same shit happening BB2.


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You are not wrong. I buy no gold in BB1 and very limited in BB2.

Once my present gold runs out and I can't get the captains account then I'll be out of here.

I used to get more enjoyment playing BB2 but I'll be playing in the sandbox that is BB1 more. I have nothing more to achieve in BB1

The least that can be done in 2 is to bring out the 5 gold bars on certain assignments and fix the chefs.


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