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Patch on July 23, 2018 - Research Institute

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Ahoy sailors,

For a long time the marina building was just a front with no function. This will change with next patch. The building has now been converted into a research institute and can now be used by every player. We will briefly explain, what you can expect from the feature. In addition, the rewards for public contracts have now been reworked, as announced a few months ago.

The Research Institute


The research institute offers events that take place on other maps, that you can play alongside your normal daily tasks.

The start of the events can be managed by every player himself. Currently you can only find the event for the "Seal nursing station" in the research institute. Here you earn a ship for the completion of the event, which is getting better through completed tasks. After the completion of the event, the ship will be added for 7 days to your fleet. It won’t need an extra port slot and will be marked with a red border.

The ship starts with relatively low values, but potentially it can have better values than your current available ships. At level 20, the performance even surpasses those of the very last ship in the yard!

The 3 locked slots for ship items are automatically unlocked with the stage progress (stage 5, 10 and 15), or can be unlocked in advance for gold bars.


The fish assignments in the seal station need special fish that is not available on the traditional map.

You have to supply the seal nursing station with fish, which can only be caught on the fishing grounds of the new map. The quotas on these grounds will change every hour. Keep that in mind, when you are planning your assignments. The bonus fishes, which are not used for the event, will directly go into your stock.

The assignments will scale with the level of your event ship and not your player level. Items and motivational support from your company members will help out a great deal.

The event can be repeated every 14 days, after completion of the event. Additional events are already in the works.

The Exchange Office and Public Contracts

You can now find a new building on your company map: The Exchange Office.

Here you can exchange the new currency “Company Coins” for different sized chests, which contain one random reward.

Which are as follows:

Small Chest

  • 1 ticket for the Wheel of Fortune
  • 1 golden shipboard computer (6h)
  • 1 golden jerrycan

Medium Chest (event items)

  • Figurehead (Halloween)
  • Angel Ornament (Christmas)
  • Easter Nest (Easter)
  • Chocolate Bunny (Easter)
  • Egg Liqueur (Easter)
  • Wind sock (Goal Wall)
  • Mini-TV (Goal Wall)
  • Compass (Goal Wall)
  • Captains hat (Goal Wall)

Big Chest (event skins)

  • Flying Dutchman (Halloween)
  • Christmas Magic (Christmas)
  • Easter Breakfast (Easter)
  • Eldorado (Goal Wall)

The company coins can be obtained by participating in public contracts in your company. The tickets, which were placeholder rewards for the time being, are therefore removed. Additionally, we have loosened the requirements for public contracts and added a new milestone at 75%.


Additional changes

  • The company map has been expanded by 5x5 squares.
  • The Gold Bar costs for premium refuels are now capped at 5 Gold Bars and will no longer rise.
  • You can now overfill your fuel tank with premium refuels. This was only possible with jerrycans prior to this patch.
  • The frequency with which you can find Gold Bars by completing port assignments has been raised.

With nautical Greetings,
Your Big Bait Team

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