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Patch on May 5, 2018


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Ahoy sailors,

please note that our weekly maintenance will start one hour later than usual. Here you find every change that is included in tomorrows's patch:


  • You now have the opportunity to expand the entire ship bar to inspect your fleet at a glance. This allows you to avoid the usual clicking through the bar in the later part of the game and you can easily access every ship.


  • The tooltip for single-player events now shows how much prestige can be earned at maximum.
  • For equipped items, the remaining time in hours is now visible.
  • The kraken which spawn randomly on the ocean map, is now animated.

As previously announced, the expeditions and overhaul of our boat server have the highest priority in the development of Big Bait. We will keep you up to date!

Mit nautischem Gruß,
Euer Big Bait Team

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