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Patch on May 15th 2018

Guest Cookie-san

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Guest Cookie-san

Ahoy sailors,

in todays patch we change mostly a few things regarding the public contracts.

- the reputation and prestige rewards in the public contracts will now scale according to your member count. For each member in the company, the reward will increase by 300 reputation and 150 prestige. The more members you have, the higher the possible reward. Reaching 1st place with 100% of the contract done, will still double the rewards.

- public contracts count ship experience. You ships can now level up through working on public contracts and after reaching at least 25% of the contracts requirement, the experience will also be added to your player level. The amount can be seen in the system messege that appears after a contract is finished.

- Fishing assignments are now in the first place at the port authority, since they are worked on more frequently.


Last week we added the new ship models for Fisherman’s Friend and Odyssey.

nautical greetings,
the Big Bait Team

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