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Patch on April 10, 2018 - Public Contracts


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Ahoy sailors,

we hope you had a nice Easter and have fun with our event. During today's maintenance, we will implement the public contracts in the game. In this thread you can find all the information.

What are public contracts?

Some players should know the concept of the contracts. Your company will compete against other companies to complete a contract for pre-assigned fish / shellfish. You will receive a reward for completing the order. However, if you have reached the 100% first, a bonus reward awaits your company.


How is the fish / shellfisch to be caught determined?

75% of your company members need to be able to catch the species.

Against which companies do you have to compete?

You compete against companies with the same number of members and the same preassigned fish. The contract amount is normalized per company and depends on the possible possible performance. This means that companies with low level players have to deliver less fish to reach 100%.

What happens when a company reaches 100%?

Of course, all other companies can continue to serve the job, but the reward, depending on the following scale, is lower.


Your company will be rewarded for completing the orders. The following parameters are considered:
  • The full reward will be credited at 100% fulfillment within the time limit
  • If you fullfill at least 50% of the contract you will receive 50% of the full reward.
  • If you fullfill at least 25% of the contract you will receive 25% of the full reward.

If your company is one of the first 15 companies to complete the contract with 100% you will get following bonus rewards:

  • 1st place: Double amount of company credits, reputation and prestige as well as 2 tickets for the quayside bar for every active company member.
  • 2nd - 5th place: 1 ticket for the quayside bar for every active company member.
  • 6th - 15th place: 1 random golden item for every active company member.

Where do you find the public contract?

The public contract will be located at the fish reloading site. The value of fish will increase overall for public contracts, as they are only to be available in limited numbers per day. We wanted to create the excitement to upgrade the radar station, for the companies that only fishes on the "First Origin" spot. Among other things, they will also have to compete with companies that use the same style of play. If explicitly inactive accounts were used in the company for the purpose of limiting the contracts to the first 3 fish, they must now pay for their services with their own additional performance. We hope this will be reflected in the weekly rankings.

How often does a public contract appear?

A public contract has a duration of 2 hours and after a break of 2 more hours the next one will appears. 30 minutes before this new contract starts, the required fish is already revealed. So you can always look for the best fishing quotas and routes.

Fishing assignments

With the integration of public contracts into the game, the fish orders are relocated to the Port Authority. We also reduce the reputation gained by these fish orders by 50%, as they are still too easy in relation to the rewards they give.


With nautical greetings,
Your Big Bait Team

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