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BB1 Company certificates - a joke or what is going on?

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I'm having hard time running the company as players do not understand which certificate works and which doesn't.
Currently the certificates that work DO NOT ENCOURAGE TEAM PLAYING, and I'm really frustrated with this!

I've sent a number of support tickets of these, and regular answer being "will be fixed in next hotfix" is a joke.

List of certificates that work or not, put working ones at the end, considering the results makes me wonder what's going on
Testing all this took long time and drained resources as these do not work.

Not working certifications:
Reputation - Fishing Assignment Fishing assignments yield 50% more reputation - DOES NOT WORK - tested in long period
Credits - Daily Assignments Daily assignments yield 20% more credits - DOES NOT WORK
Credits - Fish market Increases credits earned on the fish market by 20%: tested both as player and as Company:
- player warehouse test : start money: 240 435 896 sold 100 fish for 650k, result: 65k -> does not work for player sales
- company warehouse test: start money: 34 151 383: test1: sold 100 Whole fish 2000 per piece = 20 000, company money = 34 351 383, DOES NOT WORK

Working certifications:
Reputation - Production Production assignments yield 20% more reputation. - WORKS
Ship - Speed All ships sail and operate 5% faster - WORKS
Items - Daily Assignments Tägliche Aufträge bringen + 1 Items. - WORKS - for some reason this is in Germany, needs to be in English please 

I'll try to include the missing certs to this list in the future.

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