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Christmas 2017 at Big Bait 2.0

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Ahoy sailors,

Christmas is approaching fast in Big Bait. From the 30th of November 2017 at 10 am (UTC+1) you have the possibility to earn ice crystals which can be exchanged for special items in the Christmas shop. Let's have a look at the features.

Christmas Calendar

Screenshot_8.pngFrom the first of December, you can open a door from the Christmas calendar every day and receive a random surprise. If you are not satisfied with the random result, you have the opportunity to dice 3 random new results. Missed doors can also be opened for Premium.

04.pngThe following rewards can be found in the bags:

  • 1 random skin
  • Credits
  • Experience
  • Ice Crystals




Ice fishing

Screenshot_7.pngIce fishing is one of your main sources of ice crystals. You have a stamina bar that charges regularly or can be manually charged for premium. Each attempt to catch costs 10 perseverance. For every fish caught, you will receive one point, and if you reach 10 points, you will receive 10 ice crystals. However, if you catch a rubber boot, you will get no point. So be careful when landing!





Port Assignments

Since port assignments are an important part of the Big Bait daily routine, they can also ice crystals. The chance is 70% and it is not clear beforehand whether the assignment will pay for a crystal or not. Also, by chance, when completing an assignment a Christmas gift will be credited, which you can use in your company for the Christmas assignment. You can only earn gifts if you belong to a company. You can find your collected gifts in your inventory.

Christmas Store

weihnachtsmarkt_en.pngIn the Christmas shop you can exchange your hard earned ice crystals for useful rewards like items, paintings and ships. We also offer specials on the days of Advent, where you can take advantage of special offers via gold bars.

Credits/Exp - 1 Ice Crystal
Angel Figurine (30% Storage + 30% Working Speed) - 30 Ice Crystal
Skin (15% Lager + 15% SchiffsEP) - 75 Eiskristalle
Icebreaker (temporary ship with extra slot) - 500 Ice Crystal
Christmas Sled (temporary ship with extra slot) - 1000 Ice Crystal



Screenshot_2-300x274.png Screenshot_3-239x300.png Screenshot_4-237x300.png



You can also give your company a gift during the Christmas season and complete the new Christmas assignments in the fish reloading site. Just deposit your earned presents to complete the contract and reap the company rewards.




Company Embellishments







With the new Christmas embellishments you can improve the look for you company. They can only be bought during the Christmas time via Silver Bars.

With festive Greetings,
Your Big Bait Team

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