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New event "Fishing King"

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Ahoi sailors,

some of you will definitely know it from the last Christmas event - the Fishing King - but this time without ice floes. The aim of this small event is of course to bounce as much fish as possible. Each swing with the landing net costs you 10 stamina, but it regenerates by 1 point per minute. If you catch all the fish, you will get a reward and the game starts again. If you run out of stamina prematurely, you can also refill it completely for 15 gold bars.


What are the rewards?

Each round you get experience and credits as a basic reward - this scales with your player level!

Every 3rd round you will get a bonus. The first bonus is a ticket for the wheel of fortune, the other bonuses are distributed by random temporary skins for your ships.


For a fish you get 1 point, for the rubber boots you get 0 points.

When will the event start?

The event starts on 28 September 2017 at 1 pm (UTC+2) and will beactive for 8 hours. The event will recur every 2 - 4 weeks with out further notice.

We are looking forward to your feedback!
With nautical greetings

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