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P/C times not fair


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Hi, I'd have a suggestion about P/C times.

I know this is European game, but there are so many overseas players and majority of P/Cs are set at the time when they are or should be asleep. And that's so highly unfair. Like in my company almost all are from US, therefore they have problems to join P/Cs and have a normal real life too.

My suggestion is to split those 5 P/Cs equally for whole day. Like evey 5 hrs 1 P/C...  00:00 1st, 05:00 2nd, 10:00 3rd, 15:00 4th, 20:00 5th. So everyone no matter where he/she is from could have simillar chance to do the P/Cs. Because in this state it's very unfair to all non Europeans and also unfair to all Europeans who has to "work"for all his/her sleeping US mates.

Thank you very much for reconsidering this option!

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Guest Cookie-san

Hello and thank your for your suggestion. As you mentioned it is either unfair for Europeans or to the US players depending on when the game starts generating the public contracts. It is nearly impossible to give everyone the same chance on participating on those contracts, since not everyone works at the same times as others. Our development team will of course think of possible solutions. But right now we can't say for sure if changes will be made in the future and we hope for your understanding.

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I agree about the PC times not being fair for everyone. There are 2 ways this can be fixed. 

1. Everyday have the PC times start 1 or 2 hours later that way everyone will get equalk chances at the PC

1. Keep the times the way they are but put a 1.5 hour break between each PC so they run throughout most of the day. Since i am on the west coast of USA i only get the chance to do 2 PC's a day 

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