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Big Bait - the Outlook for 2017


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Ahoy Seamen,

here is a little outlook for 2017 by our gamedesigner "Trickster":


We're already well into 2017 and now we have the pleasure of presenting our plans for the year to you. Consider this merely a glimpse of what is yet to come. We're just touching on the biggest and most important changes. In addition to the content listed here, we will of course include your feedback and smaller changes to improve the game as well./span>

The near future

A new "Welcome back"

You will be greeted by a new "Welcome back" dialog, which displays the latest information, content and patch notes to keep you briefed on Big Bait better and more quickly.

More player interaction

The new "Motivate" feature is intended to increase player interaction. Once per day, each player can motivate each ship of every company member. Motivating costs Gold Bars and enhances the ship's values for a certain period.

You can also see the ships of all players in their profiles, and the ships of your company members as they sail on the map and work.

Visiting companies

Being able to visit other players' companies introduces new buildings and new game mechanics. Known as monuments, you can construct the new buildings as usual for other players to visit. 

If a monument is visited X number of times, the company can use the monument's bonus effect. Each monument has a different bonus effect.

More customization with cosmetics

The current character editor merely provides a few standard settings. This will soon be a thing of the past. New cosmetics and categories will allow you to customize your character in the most creative way possible. We'll be providing a range of make-up, accessories, clothing, and head wear, which will be extended continually.

Revision of the fishing season

We want to move away from real prizes in the fishing season and focus more on in-game rewards. What that means is we'll be introducing a new currency, which will be a kind of exchangeable token you earn during the fishing season and can exchange in the new token shop. 

You can exchange the tokens for resources, new ships, extended upgrades, and cosmetics for avatars and ships. The shop will also be upgraded on a regular basis. You will still be able to get badges as usual.

Improving after level 120

What happens after reaching level 120 is a question that's been on your and our minds a lot. Just increasing the level cap or the buildings you can build or upgrade from a certain level is too boring for us.

Instead we'll be changing the marina so that it only becomes available at level 120 and unlocks a new game mechanic. (Don't worry, you'll be refunded the credits you spent on the marina.)

The marina will now be the captain's academy, where you can spend a training point with each level-up after level 120. There will be three limited training courses specializing in your port, events, and companies, and unlimited training courses which let you increase your profits and production.

Alternatively, you can get additional training points to invest by paying credits to take training courses.

New events

You can look forward to special, time-limited events this year. Not only will we improve on existing events, but we also want to offer you events that are totally new or that have been thoroughly overhauled. Here's a list of the events you can expect in the first half of the year:

  • Easter event
  • Anniversary
  • Special event

What's going to be happening in the events is still a secret.

Throughout the year

You can expect many more innovations and changes over the course of the year. We don't want to say too much about them at the moment as they won't be happening for some time, and a few are still just an idea. To give you a taste of things that might come, though, here's a brief look:

  • Upgraded captain's account
  • Reworked auxiliary buildings
  • Improved messaging system
  • Improved build menu
  • More content for the token shop
  • New mini events, deals, and certificates
  • More special events
  • Expanded Halloween
  • Improved Christmas based on user feedback

Of course, all of this is subject to change, because planning may always change during development or due to other issues that affect the game and gameplay.

Thanks again for a successful 2016. We look forward to your feedback about the year ahead.

You can discuss the new year here.

Nautical regards,


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