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Dear sailors,

some of you may know me from the general chat on en1 server. I have been asked there again and again if there is a guide for beginners. So ill try to share my knowledge about the game here.

A) The tutorial

For the start you should click on the old man on the left side of your screen. Thats the tutorial, doing the tasks there will reward you with some credits for the start within this game.

Basics: To fish click on the global to see the sea. Then click on a fishing ground and click fish here. Choose your boat and the fishing ground and a port, and set up the amount of routes you wanna fish. If its done click start to let the boat fish.

B ) Buildings

You can upgrade the buildings. Just click on one, to see what is needed for it. If you wanna upgrade more then one building at the same time, it will ask you to pay gold bars for it. The buildings are:

- Dock

This building is very important. If you wanna hold more ships, you need to upgrade the dock. Dock lvl = ships you can hold

- Shipyard

This building is also very important. Upgrading it unlocks new kind of ships. So you may sell later old ships for new and better ones.

- Radar station

This is also an important building. Upgrading it unlocks new fishing grounds and / or new ports.

- Building Yard

This building is important for producing raw materials. Raw materials are needed to produce in the company fish factory(s). Upgrading the building means youll get more raw materials with producing. You can produce for 100 labour force per day there. Labour force refills each day 0 am server time. You can also buy labour force for gold bars or credits (just click on the + sign).

- Dry dock

The dry dock will give you mechanics points each full hour. Upgrading it means you can have more mechanics points and you get also more each full hour. Mechanics points are needed to improve your ships. Just click on a ship, then on a + sign, there you can improve your ships with mechanics points (and credits).

- Ware house

Upgrading the ware house rewards you with more storage place.

- Restaurant

In the restaurant you can hire cooks. You will get rewarded with exp / exp and prestige / exp and prestige and one item. You cant upgrade that building. And on lower lvl hiring cooks is not worth it, because credits are kinda rare on lower lvl. Hiring cooks is more for highend game.

- Market, Maritime museum, Marinas

Those 3 buildings you should ignore on lower lvl, they are more for highend game. The market produces credits every 45 minutes, but you get em only if you collect em. It dont works passiv. And upgrades on the market pays out only about very long time. The maritime museum produces prestige every 3,5 hours, but you get the prestige only, if you collect it. It dont works passive. The marinas gives you a bonus on market and maritime museum. Upgrading marinas means higher bonus on it.

C) Assignments

Assignments are like quests within the game. They ask you to deliver fish to the ports. Just click on a port (click global to get the world map first) to see the assignments. There are 2 assignments each port. Upgrading radar unlocks more ports after and after. Assignments rewards you with prestige, exp and credits or prestige and items or prestige and 5 gold bars or prestige and some raw materials. If you wanna do an assignment just accept it. Then fish in the right fishing ground to get the fish needed and send the ship to the port you got the assignment from. You also can have more then one ship fishing on one assignment. Assignments resets each day 8 am and 8 pm. If an accepted ones is not completly done since reset, you dont get rewarded for it. The fish you are fishing for the assignment dont goes to your warehouse. For example: you shall fish 10 tons herring for an assignment. Your ship will catch 10 t herring, 5 t sardine and 5 t mackarel. Your warehouse gets filled with 5 t sardine and 5 t mackarel but not with herring.

D) Company

A company is a group of players like a guild. Each company starts with 1 fish factory and spots for 5 members. The benefits of a company are: Having a team who shares the knowledge and fun on the game, being able to produce in the fish factory(s) and taking part on public contracts and the trawler event, if you want, and prestige for the players for each company assignment done. The fish factory is an important part, you get credits and exp for each product done there. A company can also build new buildings and upgrade existing ones. Only the leader and representatives are able to build / upgrade buildings. For upgrading a building or build a new ones click company, activate building mode, then arrow up for upgrading or just on the building you wanna build for new buildings. It will ask company credits which you get mostly on doing company assignments from trade office or on doing public contracts. The buildings for a company are:

- Headquarter

This building a company owns from start on. You can have one headquarter only. The leader can set rankings for the members in the headquater. The benefit of upgradig it is getting 5 % more exp for producing in the fish factory(s).

Here you can also accept public contracts (Chief and Representative only). With higher member count and their average level within the company, the amount of fish needed for the public contracts will increase. The rewards will also get higher. Every member can add the needed fish to finish the contract. The contracts are divided into 5 Groups, which are as follows:

Group Members Average Level Tons of fish needed
1 1 - 9 1 - 30 180
2 10 - 14 31 - 60 550
3 15 - 19 61 - 90 1,600
4 20 - 24 91 - 119 5,000
5 25 or more at 120 15,000

Players above level 120 will still count as level 120.

How to determine your Group: (Member Group + Level Group) / 2 = your Contract Group
Say you are alone in your company and level 70. This makes (1+3)/2= 2 -> your are in Group 2 needing 550 tons.

If you get 10% of the fish needed, you get 10% of the reward.
At 25% you get 25% of the reward.
At 50% you get 50% of the reward.
At 100% you get 100% of the reward.
If your company gets 100% done AND is in first place, you get 200% of the reward.

The Top 5 fishers of any company that reaches 100%, will get additional rewards.

- Fish factory(s)

One fish factory a company owns from start on, two more can be builded. In each fish factory a player can produce 30 products per day, so its 90 products if the company owns 3 fish factorys. Upgrading the fish factorys makes you able to get more recipes and produce superior products. Lvl 4 means you can produce 5 products in one turn. And those 5 you can do also 30 times per day, so it would be 150 products per day. Even higher production size is unlocked with fish factory lvl 9, 14, 19. Lvl 10 fish factory unlocks the second production line, so you can do 2 products parallel in one fish factory. Lvl 20 fish factory unlocks the third production line. Also the amount of products you can do per day per fish factory depends on the lvl of the fish factory. With lvl 10+ fish factory you can produce 50 times per day, and 60 times for lvl 20 fish factory.

- Trade office

This building a company owns from start on, you can have one only. It cant be upgraded. The trade office has 3 assignments, one for fish and 2 for products out of the fish factorys. Only the leader and representatives can accept the assignments. If the one for fish is accepted, all members can deliver fish for it. You just need to have the fish asked in your warehouse. If the assignment is accepted click on the + sign to deliver needed fish for the company assignment. Benefits for doing those assignments are: Credits and prestige for the company, prestige for the members.

- Bungalow

The company dont owns a bungalow from start on. But 4 bungalows can be builded. The company can accept one more member per bungalow. For each upgrade, the company can also accept one more member. Max lvl on the bungalows is lvl 5. So max company members a company can have is 4 * 5 for the bungalows and 5 from the headquarter, so its 25 members all in all.

- Bank

The company dont owns a bank from start on, but it can build 1 bank. The benefits of the bank is to be able to get "buffs" for all company members. A "buff" works for 24 hours and gives benefits to the company members like higher operating speed tor the boats for example. Those buffs are available for 60 company silver each or for bidding on em with company credits (400.000 is minimum bid, with higher building progress its even more - 1.000.000 per bid with building progress 25+%, 2.500.000 per bid with building progress 50+%, and even more on 75+%). The buffs are stackable 5 times. For each lvl of the bank you can get one more buff, but 5 buffs is maximum and also max lvl on the bank.

- Warehouse

The company dont owns the warehouse from start on, but it can build 3 warehouses. They can be upgraded to lvl 20. The warehouse highers the amount of products a company can have.

- Roads, plants, specials

Those are for decoration only. There are different kinds you can build. Just check out in the build mode.

E) Archievments

There are a lot of archievments within the game you can reach. Archievments are good for prestige, credits, experience and some are also good for gold bars. Each archievment has 10 grades. The higher grade the higher reward youll get on it.

F) Prestige and the rankings

There are rankings on prestige each week. The rankings are resetted sunday 12 pm server time. For beeing within top 5 on rankings on Sunday 11:59 pm you gain 100 goldbars, 50 goldbars for top 10, 25 goldbars for top 25, 10 goldbars for top 50 and 5 goldbars for top 100. Prestige can be owned for: doing assignements (50 prestige each assignment done - 57 prestige with captains acc), doing company assignments (50 prestige each company member), rewards from archievments, collecting the bonus from the maritime museum, upgrading buildings, hiring the lvl 20 and lvl 30 cook in the restaurant, being within top 5 fishers on a fishing ground sunday 11:59 pm server time (500 for rank 1, 400 for rank 2, 300 for rank 3, 200 for rank 4, 100 for rank 5), doing public contracts with your company (top 5 fishers gets rewarded with prestige), and last but not least participating in events.

And there are also rankings for the company prestige each week. Its 200 silver for top 5, 100 silver for top 10, 50 silver for top 25, 20 silver for top 50 and 10 silver for top 100.

On lower lvl archievments and doing assignments is the most easy way to own prestige. Later with better ships events can be a very nice way too.

G) How to gain credits / gold bars

On lower lvl the most easy way to get credits is to reach archievments. Also doing assignments helps a little bit on lower lvl. On higher lvl you can gain lots of credits on doing assignments. Also selling fish from your warehouse gives you credits. For selling fish the prices are changing each full hour, and the prices can variegate a lot. Last but not least you can sell items (if you got some for login bonus or doing assignments or producing in fish factory) on office, items and clicking on the item(s) you wanna sell. And last but not least producing in the fish factory(s) if you are part of a company can give you a lot of credits.

Goldbars you can get as rewards from archievments. One time per week you get em from the login bonus. Sometimes assignments shows up and rewards 5 goldbars for doing em. Also taking part in events can reward you with goldbars. And from time to time youll get one goldbar just randomly on fishing. It can happen on any fishing route but its kinda rare. And last but not least you can gain goldbars if you invite friends to the game and they reach a certain lvl. But the most easy way is just to buy em for real money.

H) How to gain exp

Mostly youll gain exp on lower lvl for producing in the fish factory if you are part of a company. Also for fishing you get 1 exp per 0,1 tons caugth. Some archievements rewards you also with exp. And from time to time claiming the login bonus rewards you with exp. Doing events is another possibility to gain exp as reward. Cooks are also great to get experience, BUT on lower lvl thats a waste of credits. Those cooks are more for highendgame if you have enough credits and dont need to care about gaining credits anymore. And last but not least you can get items which gives you exp, if you use em. (Items as reward for producing in the fish factory, from collecting login bonus or as reward for doing assignments.)

I) The captains acc

The captains acc rewards you with the following: You dont get rotten fish anymore (without captains acc 2 % each hour gets rotten), you get 15 % more exp while fishing, rewards for doing assignments are 15 % higher, hiring chefs costs 20 % less. And finaly you get a fleet and port summary in the office. In my eyes the captains acc is very helpfull on higher player lvl.

J) Events

There are 5 different kinds of events. The rewards for em depends on the event. The kinds are:

World buff event

From time to time a buff shows up for the whole server. Those rewards you with different benefits, depending on the buff. Just to give you 2 examples: higher prices for fish, lower costs on building yard. And there are much more you can get. The time when a world buff shows up is random, also the kind of it will be random.

Single player events - deliver fish

Those events ask you to deliver as much fish (special kind of fish) or fish and shellfish (no special kind) to a specific port. You dont compete with other players on it. The rewards are exp for every ton delivered, prestige (max 250 prestige per event), and gold bars for xx tons delivered (max 50 gold bars). How much fish is needed for rewarding you with goldbars depends on your lvl.


Those events are for comparing with other players. Player with same dock lvl / shipyard lvl are in the same group and have to catch as much fish (special kind of fish) or fish and shellfish (no special kind) within 24 hours after the event did start. To participate on those events you have to sign up on it, which costs 10 gold bars. The rewards for em are shared beetween the participating people depending on how much tons they did deliver / on their rankings. All in all the rewards are: 5.000 prestige, 300 raw materials, xx exp per ton delivered. Additional reward for rank 1 is 5 items, rank 2 gets 3 items and rank 1 gets one item.

Special server events (for example halloween event, christmas event)

From time to time there are special events, like for example halloween event and christmas event. Those will be anounced and youll get also a timer for it ingame, how long the event will run. On events you can earn special things, like for example special boats which can catch a huge amount of fish and which are pretty fast. Also skins can be earned sometimes on events.

K) Items

There are existing some ingame items. You can get those on buying in the office, reaching limit on producing in the company fish factory(s), doing assignments and as loginbonus. There are 2 kind of items: One kind is for the ships, the other kind is to get some raw mats / exp / mechanics points.

For those which gives raw mats, exp or mechanics points just click on office, item tab and click on the item to use it.

For those which are for the boats: Click on a boat, then the square, then a screen with the items you can equip will be shown. Click on the item you wanna equip. Those items longs for 6 hours. But there are 2 exceptions: Figureheads from special events longs for 12 hours. And ships engines are one time use items. For ship engines: click on a boat, square, ship engine to use it. If its done youll save the % shown on it on setting the next route(s) for this boat. If the routes are set the item will be gone.

L) Improving boats

You are able to improve your boats.


work in progress



Greetings, Sallania

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6 часов назад, Sallania сказал:

Hi Doliban.

in about 1 week i have vacations. Ill finish the guide then and ill also add the trawler event. so pls be patience or just ask in help chat ingame for it.

thx, Sallania

Will wait you, in chat not clear re trawler improving.

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What happened to the rest of this guide, at bottom it said more to follow????  my question is there a list showing the rank that can be achived and at what lev. does each occoure

I only started in Jan when the last trawler event happened. and more info would be nice.




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On 3/7/2018 at 2:15 PM, CaptianC said:

What happened to the rest of this guide, at bottom it said more to follow????  my question is there a list showing the rank that can be achived and at what lev. does each occoure

I only started in Jan when the last trawler event happened. and more info would be nice.




This guide is basically for Big Bait 1 and does not cross match well with big bait 2 . 

 i also believe the other  could have moved on .   so my advice would be to seek out some of the older players whom play both servers , I am sure they can be found in gen chat on ether server en-1 or en-2 and would be more then glade to hope in the help chat tab .

just my two rotten minnows 


come by and see us @ Phantom Fleet  on both en-1 and en-2

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