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Registration Terms


§1 Freedom of opinion
You are free to express your opinion here, even if it may not always agree with the views of the administrators and moderators. However, the freedom of opinion also has its limits. Racist, inhuman or violence glorifying formulations we tolerate just as little as contributions with pornographic and insulting contents.

§2 Manner
In this forum the principle applies: First think and then post! Members who use bad language will be warned by the responsible moderator, who also reserves the right to edit or delete the post. If a member should disturb the climate in the forum substantially, he is closed by the administrator.

§3 Private matters
Please do not carry out your private conversations in the forum! Nobody has anything against a sensible discussion in pairs. However, if User A argues with User B in the forum because User B never answers User A's e-mails, then nobody is interested in that. Likewise, private relationship problems have no place here. If discussions of this kind degenerate, the responsible moderator will intervene and take appropriate measures.

§4 Privacy
Contents from messenger logs, private e-mails and private messages, Querries from the chat etc. may not be made public without the consent of the involved conversation partners. This also applies to the unsolicited internal forwarding of private messages. Here we show absolutely no tolerance. A member who publishes private messages in the forum or forwards private messages without being asked will be excluded from the community.

§5 Creating topics
The title of a topic should be well thought out. Topic titles such as: Help... or Urgent... etc. are not welcome here. Such topics will be renamed or deleted by the responsible moderator. Think about what you want to call your topic beforehand. Best with a short description of the problem. So the other users who want to help you can recognize what it is about.

The creation of several topics with the same content, in the same or another forum, will also be punished with a warning.

§5a Meaningless one-liners
It is a talent to be concise - and occasionally one sentence says more than half a novel. However, we don't find completely meaningless one-liners in chat style, which only serve to increase the posting count, so successful. It's simply no fun for other members to search for two interesting posts between 50 nonsense posts. The only exception is the off-topic section, there we don't take it so closely.

§5b Report post
This feature is for reporting rule violations to a moderator. It is not meant for any user to use it to ask questions of moderators. If this function is abused, the user will be warned or even banned.

§6 External links
We do not tolerate links to websites with illegal, racist, pornographic, violence glorifying or inhuman content. Such links will be removed immediately and the member will be warned.

§7 Advertising
We do not allow posts that are solely for the purpose of commercial advertising for a particular product. Of course, it is not forbidden to write "buy this game, it's cool!", but the post must not serve exclusively for advertising. The same applies to signatures.

§8 Pictures
For uploaded pictures the same rules apply as for texts. Pictures with pornographic, racist or violence glorifying contents have no place here. Furthermore, the copyright is to be respected. We do not take any responsibility for copyright violations on the part of the users.

§9 File attachments
When uploading files, please make sure that they are free of viruses. Also, the copyright of the files is to be respected. If this rule is violated, the files will be deleted and the user will be warned.

§10 Nicknames
You can choose your nickname according to your taste. However, the name must not be obscene or insulting. Registering more than one username is forbidden.

§11 Rights of the administrators and moderators
The administrators reserve the right to ban members who significantly or repeatedly violate our rules or to exclude them from the community. The administrators make such a decision after internal consultation with the team. Personal reasons do not play a role. If a quick intervention is unavoidable, an administrator can also decide alone in individual cases.

The moderators have the right to edit or delete posts in justified cases. Furthermore, it is their task, if necessary, to steer too digressive discussions into orderly channels. If a moderator criticizes the discussion within a topic, then the criticized person is expected to take this criticism seriously and behave accordingly.

The moderators and administrators are also the point of contact for members of the Big Bait community.

§12 Use of quotes
The use of quotations is a very helpful instrument for the understandable articulation and problem description or its solution. It is not intended to abuse them as a direct reply feature.

Full quotes of a post have no place in the directly following post!

§13 Hints for the use of the Shoutbox
Also in the Shoutbox of the Big Bait Community all paragraphs mentioned before have their validity. Support requests, product/buy recommendations and Co. in the Shoutbox are strictly forbidden and are punished with contradiction hard. The topics of conversation are to be chosen in such a way that they do not disturb or harass other users in the community. The moderator team of the Big Bait community has the right to steer degenerate conversations back into orderly channels. If necessary, users are to be warned in this regard.

§14 Use of signatures
The content of the signatures can be determined by the user, as long as it does not violate the aforementioned paragraphs. Signatures can generally contain images and/or text. The following limits must be observed:

  • Maximum of 5 lines (including blank lines) without the use of a graphic.
  • Maximum 3 additional lines of text if a graphic is used.
  • The maximum font size is 2.

§15 Right of deletion
With the registration of a forum account, the user automatically grants the forum operator a right of use of all his texts created in the forum as well as public photos.

According to the Federal Data Protection Act, a user has the right to the deletion - after the end of the storage purpose - of all personal data stored in the account.

For all his created postings, in contrast, there is no right of deletion, provided that these neither contain personal information, nor exceed the individual intellectual creation level set by the legislator.

Last updated: 05.01.2021


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