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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, After the major upgrade the changed about everything withing the game comes a serious problem for companies as there are only 3 ways to get credits: 1) Fish Factory for Port Authority work 2) Fish Factory excess work 3) Public Contracts PA = Port Authority PC = Public Contract PA accepts only one job with tight time limit. I find it almost impossible to fullfil this 100% with our company memebers. This provides an average of 500-1m credits per day. Fish Factory excess work doesn't give much credits. These are products that go to your CO warehouse that are not accepted by PA. Public contracts: We got 6 players of level 162, 145, 139, 78, 22 and 15 Now we all know that the average level of all players determine the CAP how much both PA demands and how much PC demands. So in our company, PC is 2414t If i run my all ships 100% bosted I can make some 500-600t in 2 hours and I have highest and best ships in our company. It's easy to calculate that with those players we cannot even theory pass the CAP. So how much credits our company spends per day? That depends on certifications available, but it's easily more than 1m credits. With the latest changes I've noticed there is no way to raise our company anymore. There's absolutely no way to raise HQ levels anymore... I run company so that playing this game is more challenging and fun, but kinda missing the point now...
  2. Low stress idle co... we do not do all the time Public Contracts, nor there is need to be active all the time. We love people with Captain Accounts who just fill the warehouse and gain experience, speed and operating speed certificates 24h / 7 days a week Har har!
  3. Dunno what happened in today's maintenance or is it I just passed level 60. The problem is when delivering fish to company it started rotating between only 7-8 fishes. I tested it ten times today so a common order is "perch->mackerel->sardine->cutlassfish-carp " I cannot use any other fish I've got in stock. Yesterday It still worked....
  4. Big Bad Wolf is looking for players for the company ArrghMeFishies new players welcome as I am new myself Let us learn this game together and umm catch fish and stuff
  5. "CRAB FRENZY" is looking for active players of all levels who want to be part of our fun & helpful crew. If interested check out our company page to apply.
  6. Does the Splendor of a Company and the placed items that give said Splendor have any affect on the actual gameplay? or is simply a matter of bragging rights? Be great if Splendor was a moral boost for members of the company with perhaps a production bonus or Raw material use reduction.
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