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  1. Since nothing has changed and since the developpers have made 3 buildings complety useless ( cheffs, tickets bar & building yard (yes, that to, as after i reclycled all lower items and tried to use the new ones , i saw you can only use 1 recyled item per boat)) i bit you all farewell. What once started as a nice game is now a ruined game and i don't fund ruined games , especially not on fb since there's ton's of games outthere. I didn't mind and still don't spending real money monthly on a game but it has to be worth playing and paying for and BB2 isn't anymore such a game for me. CaptainIglo is officialy retiring for BB2, keep well all there .
  2. Perhaps it's now a good time to put this building either to rest or give it a new purpose as gaining tickets for extra items,fuel,shipboard computers, cap.acc,gold bars and even those rediculous 100 recycle points it's almost impossible and it's now only for the few 'elite' players who gaining one or more tickets to be in the top 100 or win in another competion. The most of players who aren't be able to win in such event are left in the cold now, alltough it was a great idea for givin the production building a new makeover , it's a pitty that now with the makeover of the chefs, noone is be able to gain anymore tickets to play in the quayside bar building. Can any staff member or developper respond on the needs of the many , many players that still play's BB2 as i fear this new update without having a chance of a few tickets' a day isn't a very good idea to keep this game having a running community as i watch general chat's, company chat's and forum and 95% of the players isn't happy about no more free tickets.
  3. I'll run BB2 on a desktop with win10 and have the same problem. Also like to note that this update is worthless as the dev. didn't count in that many companies like mine is filled with players from over the world (meaning we play at different timezones) Half of my companie is western european time +1 while the other half is from Down under so we never can, compete or win the desired rewards as there is always one half to sleep. I refuse to sack the members from down under from my companie as during time, even we live on different timezone we developêd a strong band of friendship. So for companies like mine ( and i'm pretty sure there are many more out here) ,, this new fish reloading site is a waste of time and is absolute a non fun factor. / CaptainIglo
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