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  1. Greetings, It has become completely annoying and way to time consuming to use stacks of collected items such as Jerry Cans, Tool Boxes and other consumables. How about the ability to use either a SLIDER BAR or an ENTERED AMOUNT such as in the market for how many of a stack of theses items I wish to use. 3 clicks per item when I have a stack of 30 of the same size (lets say)Mechanics Tool Boxes is just plain silly. Would be much more efficient and fun if I could just set the number of how many from that stack I wish to consume and then click USE or SELL. Let us hope something of this nature is coming to us in the VERY near future.
  2. I am certainly glad I looked in here before attempting to purchase vouchers! I was planning to run a mini event within our Company and use vouchers as prizes, I would have been seriously ticked if I had attempted to do so and the gold was placed on my account. In fact if you choose to purchase the Voucher for which you are spending real money and you fail to receive that voucher as it is being sold, that is false advertisement. Thanks for the Heads up to this issue!
  3. Greetings, I have been playing the game for just over two weeks now and decided to disable the sound. So my Wife would quit complaining about hearing seagulls, so after making the settings change and clicking the save button the game attempted to reload as normal. Now it will not go beyond the status loading screen, I have cleared my cache both using the CTRL+R method as well as going directly into my browsers tools and settings menu and clearing the cache from there. I now have also uninstalled Big Bait and reinstalled it, No change from that. I have uninstalled and reinstalled FB Gameroom and Big Bait and no change, still reloads to the exact same stage. Then followed that up with completely removing anything on my PC that was referenced by Facebook, Then cleaning my systems registry as well as running my disk cleanup to get rid of remnants of anything left behind. Reinstalled everything fresh and this too has had no affect on allowing the game to load after reinstalling everything. I am now at a loss and wish to play the game again as I have invested a good bit of time and money the last two weeks to both improve myself as well as to help the company that I have joined. I have tried playing the game directly through FB without the Gameroom APP as well as directly through the web site for the game itself. I can get the game to load this way and in doing so have attempted to revert my sound settings back to the on position and it works fine for those to methods of play but with so much lag that it is practically unplayable. Fixing the sound settings in those methods of play had no affect as well on the game loading correctly through FB Gameroom app. Below is a Screen Shot of what stage the game gets to before stopping and doing nothing else. Please HELP if anyone has any ideas I can try that I haven't already Thank You in advance for any and all information in regards to this issue. TwistEdFish
  4. Thank Much Mr.Yumfy, that helps keep me from wasting cash on statues and such!
  5. Does the Splendor of a Company and the placed items that give said Splendor have any affect on the actual gameplay? or is simply a matter of bragging rights? Be great if Splendor was a moral boost for members of the company with perhaps a production bonus or Raw material use reduction.
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