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  1. Months later and same old same old.
  2. We are certainly not happy but then we don't log in her because it is the same old same old. It is shocking how poorly (non existent) users/players are treated by those in "power". Look at today's maintenance Not word about it from the devs. We just have to find out for ourselves what has been screwed up or "added"
  3. 100% agree. Throwing a recycle points in there was another slap in the face. If you play the game well and are making it work then Kit Kat break the game. It is hard enough to get tickets. Add to that how difficult it is to get the fuel and you slowly kill the game bar. Yes I have all building maxxed and the the warehouse upgrades are so expensive. They also screwed with the Company warehouses and upgrading them is now far too hard for a small company.
  4. Chris Chan posted NO TICKETS for the CHEFS. The game is economy based. Fuel is under supplied. The only thing making up for that was the purple fuel won with tickets. The game will die without intervention to balance everything out.
  5. You are not wrong. I buy no gold in BB1 and very limited in BB2. Once my present gold runs out and I can't get the captains account then I'll be out of here. I used to get more enjoyment playing BB2 but I'll be playing in the sandbox that is BB1 more. I have nothing more to achieve in BB1 The least that can be done in 2 is to bring out the 5 gold bars on certain assignments and fix the chefs.
  6. The big hard sell was that they are stackable. Utter nonsense. You can stack for 10 or 15 minutes at any point as you can't finish the chefs fast enough. Whoever thought of the idea with the restaurants should be fired.
  7. I can only echo this post. I got 3 tickets every day and it meant I spent more time playing the game. The experience given out from the Restaurant is nonsense. The rewards that used to be plus the tickets were fine. Now what? No tickets = struggling for fuel and other items. It was bad enough when you removed all of the gold items from sale. Ok granted they are coming up on an extremely random basis. Something like once or twice a week. If you want people to continue playing the PLEASE sort it out! We must have a way to get tickets that don't mean having to go up against the gold players (payers)
  8. Am I correct in the assumption that there's no double points for finishing 1st in the Fish reloading Site. We just finished one with 90% of the total but were in #1 spot yet no sign of the bonus for finishing in 1st place.
  9. I signed in on the Saturday, read the message and looked to buy some gold. Nothing. I take it that is was a limited offer with first come first served. This games has players playing in virtually every time zone. The distribution should be fairer and surely the offer is what's called a loss leader. You want as many people as possible to buy (not just the European players that play regular hours when the rest of the world is asleep. BTW guy us Brits pay twice through the nose with a transaction fee for paying with dollars so a triple sale means 3 sets of the minimum transaction fee. Why is this Brit moaning. I play the game by adjusting my online time to fall in line with USA waking up.
  10. I meant to mention that I had no problems in Opera but he was using Chrome and had to go into the settings and removed the cache from there leaving the cookies intact. We wouldn't want to hurt Cookie
  11. Thank you for your comments Cookie. They are welcomed. I got to level 12 but anything else wasn't possible. The fast change around of the quotas meant you were crossing 2 different quotas where the amount may raise or drop. If you wait for the quota to raise then time is lost. If I may. can you tell me why in Big Bait 2 recalled ships loose their fuel as soon as the fuel tank is full. That fuel is bought and paid for in the same way that the fuel items are. Surely that should work in the same way as in Big Bait 1 where all remaining 60% of your fuel goes into the main fuel tank. After all that is a production limit and not a physical limit given the fact that fuel items can take you past the production limit. If it is an oversight could it be corrected ASAP? Thanks again Cookie. PS There's a lot of German in the help tags. My German is improving though
  12. No problems with moving the exchange building here. Has everyone cleared their cache in the browser? One of our guys had all of the left hand side of the screen missing. No avatar etc. Couldn't do anything. I walked them through clearing the cache and all was fine. Control + R didn't work. 12 hours to get your new ship to level 20 yet some missions take over an hour even with add ons.
  13. It tickled me that after accepting the news terms and conditions etc. (as if we have any option to not accept) that on entering the game I got a "We use cookies warning"" Might need to try again though. It was written in German so most English speaking players wouldn't know what it was. 3/10 for trying guys. It's a shame these have to be monologues as opposed to dialogue. We can but hope.
  14. Wouldn't it be a good idea to show us the terms and conditions and the new data privacy statement prior to making the changes. It is really galling that we have no say in such terms and conditions and if we don't agree KitKat will wave us all goodbye. Some dialogue would have been nice! It took long enough for the "cookie" regulations to be put in place. I don't recall seeing a "cookie" warning in the game. Come on guys! Talk to us! Engage us in conversation about problems in the game. It's not perfect but it could be so much better with logical changes
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