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Can I suggest that a facility be made to enable the company leadership to be able to have a "leaders Circular" or some such thing so that leadership discussions can be held without having to do single PMs to all and single replies to individuals. The ability to "Reply to all" would be of great benefit as well and enable discussions and company decisions to be carried out much more efficiently. The Chair could have the ability to decide which of his team would be included in a leadership discussion and the Leaders Circular or whatever. :D

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We could also do with the ability to send longer messages. When you are trying to send out information to the members it looks ridiculous if you hit the buffer and have to carry on typing in a second or third message. Communications are already troublesome without using external applications to discuss matters. Also if a Company is very active regarding assignments then the notifications soon puch the important info down the page to where members may not scroll down.


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