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Additional company Roles/responsibilities

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I would like to suggest that the company structure is changed to allow flexibility and strength in depth to cover for holidays and sickness. I would like to suggest the following additional positions (a) to reward consistent active players who really contribute and (b) to achieve the above:

These would be:

Chair, Deputy Chair

2nd and 3rd in Command

Recruiting Officer and Deputy

Shipwreck Quest Manager and Deputy

Plus the current Reps and POT roles of course

Additionally I would suggest that each players name as it appears in the company HQ list of members has the country flag next to the name to make it easier to know which time zone our members are in so the Roles above can be better split across time zones for consistency and balance.

I realise that younger, smaller companies may not have enough members to fill all roles but it's something they can aspire to as they grow. :D

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Hello @Pops the Ancient,

we were trying to keep the administration of user privileges as simple as possible. In our opinion your proposal only fits into companies way above the 25 player mark.

The flag system is a cool idea, but can only be on a voluntary basis. Not everybody wants to reveal his/her actual country/origin.


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