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Christmas 2016

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Christmas 2016

Ho ho ho, my dear anglers and captains!

Winter's coming and we've prepared a wonderfully wintry event for you – we’ve got loads of presents to give away and have even added a new game element.

Play the "Scoop netting" minigame during the event period to win Ice Crystals for the Christmas market and open a window on the advent calendar every day (from Dec. 1st).

-- The Christmas event 2016 starts at 11:00 AM (UTC+1) on 11/25/2016 --


Advent calendar

The advent calendar can be accessed via the calendar icon in the top-right corner of your screen.


You can open a window every day and receive up to 3 rewards. You can go back and open any days you've missed for the price of 5 Gold Bars.



When you open a window, you will see a preview of the 3 possible rewards for that day. Click on the "Mix" button to select a reward. The 3 possible rewards will be mixed up in the 3 little sacks – you can select one of them. The reward in the selected sack is now yours.






If you would like to receive the day's other rewards, you can open another sack for 2 Gold Bars, and a 3rd sack for 5 Gold Bars.




If you manage to open all 24 windows, you will receive a special Christmas badge for your profile.


Scoop netting

The "Scoop Netting" event can be accessed via the new object in your home port.


In the scoop netting game, you can net fish leaping out of holes in the ice to earn Ice Crystals, which can be exchanged for rewards at the Christmas market.

100 Stamina are available to you for this. Each swing of your net will cost you 10 Stamina. Your Stamina regenerates at a rate of one point per minute. Alternatively, the Stamina can also be recharged for Gold Bars.

Once you have made 10 catches, they will be automatically exchanged for one Ice Crystal.


Christmas market


You can exchange the Ice Crystals you've won for rewards at the Christmas market. The Christmas market can be accessed by clicking the market icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

There are 3 reward options available on the Christmas market:

Resource package
Cost: 10 Ice Crystals

The resource package contains credits, experience points and resources. The number of credits and experience points is calculated based on the player level, while the number of resources is fixed.

Angel Figure
Cost: 30 Ice Crystals

The Angel Figure is a new unique item, which can only be obtained during the Christmas event. It increases both warehouse capacity and operating speed by 40%.

Skin – Ice Breaker
Cost: 100 Ice Crystals

This skin changes the appearance of your ship to that of an ice breaker and increases all statuses (base values) by 10%.


Additionally, on each Advent Sunday, there's a one-time offer on at the Christmas market that is only available for 24 hours. These offers will be a surprise, so be sure to check them out!


Skins are a new element in the game. They can be applied to your ships to change their appearance and sometimes even increase their status.

You can apply a skin to your ship by clicking on the ship details of your ship and then clicking on the new icon on the left side of the screen.


If you already own a skin, it will be displayed in a new window and you can then apply it.

The skin can be removed again at any time and applied to a different ship. If you sell a ship with a skin, the skin with be automatically removed. Thus, a skin that can only be obtained once always remains in your possession.

What do you think of the upcoming event? Send us your feedback!

Nautical regards,
The Big Bait Team

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