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Ahoy sailors and captains,

"Big Bait" just keeps getting bigger, so we want to grow our moderator team. As a moderator, you'll be part of a close-knit team and have the opportunity, to a degree, to participate in developing the game. On top of that, we will provide Gold Bars (premium currency) to you in return for your efforts. Interested? Then apply to us – here are the details:

What does a moderator do?
A moderator is the first point of contact for our players and makes sure that the rules of the game and netiquette are observed in the game and the forum. He or she is in touch with the community manager/developers and can play an active role in the game design by providing feedback. To compensate the volunteer service, we reward moderators our in-game currency Gold Bars on a monthly basis.

How can I become a moderator?
Before placing a detailed application in the relevant sub-forum, please read the following items and check if you meet the requirements.


·         You are at least 18 years old.

·         You know the game well and like to share your knowledge with other players.

·         You are confident in English orthography.

·         You have a good command of German or English for fluent communication with the developers.

·         You are able to deal with positive and negative criticism and can use it constructively.

·         You have enough time to volunteer as a moderator.

·         You are good with people.

·         You know the rules and can follow them.

Your application should include the following information:

·         Name, age, profession

·         Description of your character

·         Have you ever been a moderator or been active in a similar area?

·         Why do you want to be a moderator?

·         Are you active in the forum?

·         At what times are you online?

I look forward to receiving your informative application in German or English, which will only be viewed by our team. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me via private message.

Nautical regards,
Community Manager

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